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Intel X25-V SSD 40GB review

Intel X25-V SSD 40GB
Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £90
inc VAT

Intel's bargain priced SSD is a false economy. Spend a little more and get a lot more elsewhere.


40GB sata solid state disk

Intel is better known for its processors than its solid state disks, but the 40GB X25-V is actually the latest in a long line of SSDs from the processor giant. At just £90, it looks cheap but it actually has a high cost per gigabyte of £2.25.

As well as the small capacity of just 40GB, compromises have been made in performance to keep the price low. Although the X25-V is fast at reading files, it’s much slower at writing them. Large files were read at a quick 120.8MB/s, while small files were read at an incredibly quick 150MB/s. In light of these incredible read speeds, it’s no surprise that our huge Crysis level was ready to play in a mere 24 seconds – the fastest time we’ve seen.

Intel X25-V SSD 40GB

In contrast to this impressive read performance, large files were written at a very slow 50.5MB/s while small files were written at a glacial 48.6MB/s. These are the slowest write speeds we’ve ever seen from a SSD.

Even if you could live with the high cost and poor write speeds, the X25-V’s measly 40GB capacity means it’s not a lot of use, aside from a basic boot disk. Although it is possible to squeeze Windows 7 and a handful of programs onto it, Windows and many programs create temporary files which would quickly fill up the X25-V. Even if you want a SSD on a budget, there are bigger SSDs with more consistent performance available for only a few pounds more.

Basic Specifications

Rating **


Capacity 40GB
Formatted capacity 37.1GB
Price per gigabyte £2.25
Interface SATA II
Power connector SATA
Cache N/A
Seek time N/A
Bearing technology N/A
Noise (in normal use) N/A

Buying Information

Price £90
Warranty three years RTB

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