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T-Mobile still pushing old mobile data usage limits to new customers

T-Mobile still pushing old mobile data usage limits to new customers

Sales staff don't know what's going on

Although T-Mobile is cutting mobile data usage to just 500MB from February, sales staff are still pushing the old limits to new customers.

Reader Dave J sent us a full transcript of his online conversation with a T-Mobile sales representative, who tried to sell him an HD Desire HD on a £40.85 per month 24-month contract. They said that it included “Unlimited Internet(with download upto 3 GB)”.

When Dave J questioned if the download limit was being reduced to 500MB and if the 3GB limit would remain in place for duration of the contract, the sales representative said, “Well if you buy the phone now, then you can get the 3 GB allowance for a month.”

A month at this limit is hardly a useful time period to have. Part of the problem seems to be that sales staff are completely unaware of what happens to new customers when the data limit is reduced to 500MB.

“Its [sic] still not conformed [sic] about the fair usage policy,” said the sales representative.

They then said that they have no information about how the data limit change will affect customers. The same was true when we contacted T-Mobile’s sales team. Our representative told us that there are “still no updates on this”.

We’ve contacted T-Mobile’s PR team to find out what happens. We’ve been told that an updated statement was just being finished, but there’s no sign of it yet. We’ll update this story with more information as soon as T-Mobile responds.

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