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Best iPad Pro case 2021: Protect your prized Apple tablet from only £8

Thomas Barley Joe Coombs
5 Jul 2021

Our pick of the best iPad Pro cases to protect your plus-sized tablet, whatever the situation

Apple’s iPad Pro is a beautiful mammoth of a tablet but its pretty, plus-sized design won’t save the premium tablet from a horribly destructive demise. To paraphrase Beyoncé: If you like your iPad Pro, you should definitely put a case on it.

Thankfully, we’ve put together this selection of iPad Pro cases to avoid such a destructive outcome. From iPad Pro cases that offer battle-proof protection from the elements, to more minimalist designs, you can find all of our favourites here. All of the iPad Pro cases listed have both 10.5in iPad Pro and 12.9in iPad Pro sizes available.

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The best iPad Pro cases to buy

1. Apple Smart Cover iPad Pro case: Best official Apple case

Price (12.9in): £20 | Buy now from Argos | Price (10.5in): £55 | Buy now from Argos

Official Apple covers are rather expensive, but thankfully Apple’s smart cover for the iPad Pro is relatively affordable.

Like with the rest of Apple’s smart covers, it uses the snap on, snap off mechanism and has the ability to fold into various constructions, meaning you can prop it up to watch some Netflix on the big screen. The case is both lightweight and protective, covering the front-side of the iPad Pro. It locks the iPad when you snap it closed and wakes the device automatically when you open it up.

If you’re keen on sticking with an Apple-branded case, this is our choice.

Buy 12.9in now from Argos

Buy 10.5in now from Argos

2. Logitech Combo Touch with Trackpad: The best iPad Pro keyboard case

Price: From £179 | Buy from Logitech | Buy from Amazon

Apple’s Magic Keyboard — the one that comes with a touchpad — is lovely but it’s also eye-watering expensive at £329 for the 12.9in model and £279 for the 11in tablet. That makes the Logitech Combo Touch with Trackpad a tempting proposition at £200 for the 12.9in and £180 for the 11in.

You don’t get the floating hinge with the Logitech case and it’s slightly bulkier, too. Moreover, the key action isn’t quite as positive.

However, the Logitech case does have a few things to recommend it, aside from the price.

The key action might be lighter and a tad rattlier but we found it just as quick to type on as the Apple model. The touchpad is fantastic, too, and allows you to click anywhere on its surface, not just at the bottom. There’s an extra row of shortcut keys above the keyboard with the Combo Touch, including keys to quickly tweak the keyboard backlight, which the Apple Magic Keyboard lacks.

Plus, the rubber bumper around the edge of the case gives the iPad Pro more protection against the occasional knock.

All-in-all, this Logitech keyboard case is a winner. It protects more than the Apple equivalent, delivers nearly as many features and at a lower price, too. It’s well worth buying.

3. Ztotop iPad Pro Folio case: Best leather iPad Pro case under £25

Price (12.9in): £23 | Buy now from Amazon | Price (10.5in):  £10 | Buy now from Amazon

Ztotop’s leather folio case is a thing of business-conscious beauty and besides looking smart, it’s remarkably functional too. It has a tidy folding stand for various typing configurations, an Apple Pencil holder, a hand strap and even an organiser pocket for your business cards.

Just like Apple’s smart cover, Ztotop’s leather folio case also has the nifty ability to put your iPad Pro to sleep by closing the cover. There’s also a magnetic clasp to keep the case in place. It comes in a range of colours such as brown and black, and there’s even a denim option if you’re so inclined.

4. MoKo Clear iPad Case: Best clear case under £10

Price (12.9in): £9 | Buy now from Amazon | Price (10.5in):  £8 | Buy now from Amazon

After splashing big bucks on an iPad, the last thing many people want to do is immediately hide it behind a big case. If you’re one of those that wants to show your iPad off to the world, but also feels the need to protect it, then we think this clear case from MoKo might be the one for you. Its clear plastic shell shows off the iPad’s slickness, whilst also providing solid protection. What’s more, it has cutouts on the side, giving you easy access to all the device’s ports and buttons.

The 10.5in version also has raised edges on the corners, which are particularly useful in protecting the iPad’s screen and camera from damage. Another bonus to clear cases is that because of their relatively simple design, they are often cheaper than other options on the market.

5. Calfinder Portfolio Padfolio case: Most versatile case

Price (12.9in): £80 | Buy now from Amazon | Price (10.5in):  £80 | Buy now from Amazon

While expensive, you’ll struggle to find another case that provides as many features as Cohokori’s does. It comes with a notepad, pen holders and multiple pockets and pouches for phones, wires, chargers and so on. With a separate compartment that secures your iPad Pro, this handmade leather case likely fulfills any function you would require from a case.

As the case is handmade, it can also be engraved with your initials, name or company logo, for that extra layer of personalisation.

6. Supcase Heavy Duty iPad Pro case: Best case for clumsy people

Price (12.9in): £27 | Buy now from Amazon | Price (10.5in):  From £23| Buy now from Amazon

It’s not easy lugging around a heavy tablet that’s absolutely gigantic. If you’re fairly accident-prone and think that your iPad Pro is undoubtedly going to slip out of your hand at some point, we recommend picking up Supcase’s heavy duty case.

With a built-in screen protector on the 10.5in case and a shock-resistant dual-layer hardshell case, your iPad is primed to survive drop after drop. What’s better is that Supcase’s case even has a flip stand, which is an unusual but welcome addition to these kinds of heavy duty cases. Most of all, it’s much cheaper than other cases such as the OtterBox.

The only downside is that it’s extremely heavy and makes a thin but bulky iPad even heavier. It’s a necessary trade-off for ultimate protection, however.

7. Mofred Leather iPad Pro Folio case: Best all-round case

Price (12.9in): £14.89 | Buy now from Amazon | Price (10.5in):  £16.89 | Buy now from Amazon

If you put everything good about an iPad Pro case into a pot and mix it all together, what do you get? Why, Mofred’s leather folio case of course.

With a classy two-tone design, Mofred’s case is one fancy-looking case, made from polyurethane leather. It features a multi-configuration flip stand, a wallet pouch for documents and paperwork, a magnetic strip to wake the iPad when it opens and an elastic loop for your Apple Pencil.

To sweeten the deal, Mofred’s case even includes an iPad Pro-compatible stylus and an included screen protector. What more could you want? The two iPad case sizes can both be bought for just under £16.

8. Mosiso iPad Pro sleeve: Best iPad Pro sleeve

Price (12.9in): £13 | Buy now from Amazon | Price (10.5in):  £13 | Buy now from Amazon

For some of us, a no-frills sleeve is the only bit of iPad Pro protection someone needs. In that case, turn your gaze towards Mosiso’s iPad Pro cover. It’s a polyester foam-padded water-repellent sleeve that is sure to help keep your iPad safe from short drops as well as the elements.

There’s a handy pocket on the front which gives you enough space to store your Apple Pencil or power bank.

9. Timecity iPad Case: Best iPad Pro cover for kids

Price (12.9in): £22 | Buy now from Amazon | Price (10.5in):  £17 | Buy now from Amazon

It’s a well-known fact that for all their good intention, kids can be almost impressively destructive. Naturally, if you’ve recently gifted your little one with a shiny new iPad, then you’re going to want to do everything in your power to protect it. With solid protection across the iPad’s front, back and sides, this Timecity case might be the guardian angel you’ve been looking for.

Its three layers of silicone and polycarbonate help to protect iPads from drops, dirt and scratches. With thickened corners, camera protection and dust covers for all the ports, Timecity really has thought of everything. Another neat feature we like is the foldable stand, which is great for when you or your little one want to use the iPad hands-free.

What makes this case especially good for kids though is the appearance. It comes in four vibrant colours (plus a less exciting black option), which should help your little one to warm to it, and encourage them to keep their iPad cover on at all times.

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