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This is THE iPad Pro deal of Black Friday

Not a drastic reduction, but a decent discount on a seriously impressive piece of hardware

Any seasoned Black Friday-er will know that Apple products rarely receive mega discounts. So if you’re looking to get an iPad Pro with a 70% discount, you’ll be disappointed. That being said, there are still deals to be had if you search hard enough. 

This one, from John Lewis, sees £50 off the 10.5in iPad Pro – a considerable discount given Apple’s track record of its products holding their value far better than rival tech companies.

Right now you can get the 10.5in iPad Pro for £569 at John Lewis in silver, gold, rose gold or space grey. That’s a £50 saving on the RRP of £619. If you buy an Apple Pencil at the same time, John Lewis will also knock another £10 off the price – though your whole basket will then come to £648.
It may not be the latest version of the iPad Pro, but I can personally vouch for the quality of this specific model. My girlfriend owns one, and it’s a seriously impressive piece of kit that can be used for pretty much anything – especially when combined with the keyboard case. The Apple Pencil is also a thoroughly impressive piece of hardware, and after you spend a bit of time sketching with it, you quickly forget that you’re pressing against glass rather than paper.
As Jon wrote in his review: “The tablet in the traditional sense is all but dead in 2017, but the 10.5-inch iPad Pro proves that it still has its place.
“Add a keyboard, boost performance to near laptop levels and tweak the software so it feels more like a desktop – suddenly you have a machine that’s no longer a companion device, but one that’s ready to be your main computer.
  Buy it now from John Lewis