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New Amazon Fire HD 10, Fire HD 10 Kid’s Edition and Kindle Kid’s Edition announced

Amazon releases another three devices – two tablets and a kids’ edition of the Kindle e-reader

Amazon has unveiled three devices in its tablet and e-reader lineup: the all-new Fire 10 HD, Fire HD 10 Kid’s Edition and, finally, a Kindle Kid’s Edition.

While the former two devices represent updates to existing product lines, the Kindle Kid’s Edition is a completely new offering – at least in part.

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To elaborate, it isn’t a new Kindle. Instead, it’s a regular Kindle that comes with a protective case, a year’s subscription to Amazon Fire for Kids and two-year guarantee against accidental damage. This new option is available to preorder today, costing £100 – or £30 more than the regular Kindle.

As for the all-new Fire HD 10, this is an incremental upgrade on the 2017 version of Amazon’s 10in tablet. Along with a new octa-core processor and USB Type-C charging, Amazon claims the new tablet also offers an improved battery life of up to 12 hours of mixed usage.

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As with its predecessor, the all-new Amazon Fire HD 10 costs £150 or £180, depending on whether you opt for the 32GB or 64GB model. And, as before, you also get hands-free Alexa support, meaning you can summon the virtual assistant with your voice when you’re near the tablet. You can read our hands-on review of the new tablet here.

The Fire HD 10 Kid’s Edition, you’ve guessed it, is the same device, only with a protective case, a two-year accidental damage guarantee and a year’s subscription to Amazon Fire For Kids. It costs £50 more than the regular model at £200, which isn’t at all bad for a tablet that’ll be replaced with no questions asked in the event that you smash the screen or worse.

Although none of the new products is especially groundbreaking, if recent Fire tablets and Kindles are anything to go by, it’s likely they’ll represent great value for money. Of course, we’ll only be able to confirm that for definite once we’ve put the new devices through their paces. Until then, all three devices are available for preorder now and will start shipping on 30 October.

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