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These AMAZING Prime Day tablet deals won’t be around for much longer

A trio of Amazon Fire tablets are reduced for Prime Day

Prime Day has become an essential date in every bargain seeker’s calendar, with deals from a huge range of companies. But Amazon isn’t afraid to take a hit on its own first-party products, either, and bang on time, it’s reduced the price of three of its cheap and cheerful Fire tablets.

Already cheap to begin with, you can now save a huge amount on Fire tablets of every size. The chunky Amazon Fire HD 10 is now £80 (a saving of £70), the Fire HD 8 is a ridiculous £35 (saving £55) and 2019’s Fire 7 can be had for just £20 (a saving of £30) putting it firmly in impulse purchase territory.

These all come with lock screen ads, but these can be disabled for £10 more if you think you’ll find them distracting. That option is disabled on the £20 Fire 7, but then paying 50% more for no ads didn’t feel great value there anyway.

So what to say of all these tablets? Well, they were good value at full price, but they’re absolute bargains with these reductions. Do watch out for the Fire 7, though, as it’s the 2019 version and not the latest tablet that was refreshed just last week.

All the same, you can’t question the value. While none of them are what you’d call speed demons when compared to the market leading iPad, they’re all well built and great for streaming, reading and web browsing.

To help you decide between them, here’s a quick chart showing the relative Geekbench performance of the three. The higher the score the better.


Prime Day price

Single-core performance

Multi-core performance

Amazon Fire 7 (2019)




Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)




Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)




In other words, yes: it is worth paying more. Still, everyone is a bargain in its own way.
As Senior Editor Nathan Spendelow wrote about the top-end Amazon Fire HD 10 last year: “No other low-cost tablet comes anywhere near it in terms of sheer value and, with a small uptick in both performance and stamina plus a reduction in slenderness and weight – and no price increase – the Amazon Fire HD 10 retains its status as our Best Buy 10in tablet.” Unsurprisingly it got five stars.

The Fire HD 8 is slightly older, dating back to 2020, but our five-star review was just as effusive. “Make no mistake, even with its drawbacks – the old-school screen and slight software restrictions – you won’t find a better tablet for less than £100,” we wrote. At £35 it is, as I wrote above, ridiculous.

That would be my pick of the deals, but if you’re really trying to save then the 2019 Fire 7 is still worth a look, even if it’s eclipsed by the 2022 refresh. As Reviews Editor Jon Bray wrote in his review from the time: “Temper your expectations and you’ll be perfectly happy with the Amazon Fire 7 – it’s the very definition of cheap and cheerful.”

If you’re after a tablet and don’t want to cross into triple figures, you won’t do better than these Prime Day offerings. Happy shopping.

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