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Panasonic 20 inch 4k tablet review

Panasonic 20 inch 4k tablet

We take a look at the highest resolution tablet ever, the Panasonic 20 inch 4k tablet

While the Apple iPad got a lot of deserved attention for its high resolution screen, there’s a new tablet in town that goes even further: the Panasonic 20 inch 4K tablet.

In real terms that means that the screen on this tablet has a resolution of 3,840×2,560, which works out to an impressive 230ppi (slightly less than the iPad’s 264ppi).

Although this is a tablet in name, it’s not a low-power consumer device at all, and is a full Windows 8 tablet with a Core i5 processor, a 128GB SSD and up to 16GB of RAM. At 2.4kg with its 20in display, this tablet is one aimed squarely at professionals, such as photographers.

We saw a demo of what it’s like to edit photos on this tablet and we have to say that we’re impressed. For starters, the screen is absolutely gorgeous. It’s bright, vibrant and has excellent viewing angles. That high resolution really makes the most of photos, giving you more of an image on screen at once, or really letting you zoom in to get close-up to detail.

The benefit of having proper Windows 8 is that you can use full applications, such as Adobe Photoshop. That’s a big step up from what you get with your average tablet.

Another potential use for the Panasonic 20 inch 4K tablet is in architects. Being able to take this tablet with its high-resolution screen to a client to go over plans and make live alterations could be a real bonus to a lot of companies.

Panasonic 20 inch 4k tablet architecture

Reviewing architectural drawings is well suited to the high resolution screen

Of course, it could also be used to review and edit 4K video footage, such as that shot with with Panasonic 4K camcorder. That was on display, too, although it’s an early prototype at the moment and was locked securely in a perspex box.

Panasonic 4K camcorder

Panasonic demonstrated the first 4K camcorder that we’ve ever seen

As well as the touchscreen, Panasonic will sell an optional pen to give you finer control of what you’re working on. The screen’s clever enough to detect when you’re resting your hand on it, so that it only pick’s up the pen’s input.

Currently there’s no price for the tablet, but we’re told that it will definitely be released this year.

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