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How to read ePUB files on your Kindle

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Read ePUB and other eBook formats on any Kindle with Calibre

Amazon’s Kindle range continues to be our first choice when it comes to recommending an eReader, mainly due to Amazon’s enviably wide and well-priced range of eBooks but also due to the sheer simplicity of using the system. However, unlike most other eReaders, such as those from Kobo, the Kindle doesn’t support the popular ePUB format, which can be a pain.

Here we’ll show ou how to use a simple piece of software, Calibre, to convert your ePUB books into the Kindle-compatible MOBI format and send them to your Kindle – via a simple email attachment. The same process works for numerous other file types as well, so if you’re having trouble with any eBook and your Kindle then read on.

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Setting up Calibre

Download Calibre from and get the appropriate version for your operating system. Install the download and run it when it’s finished. Select your language, English UK most probably, and then select your eBook reader on the next screen, most popular models are supported, but if not just choose Generic.Calibre device select

Calibre can be setup to send emails directly to your Kindle, as Amazon provides a unique email address for each device for this purpose. You can find the email address for your Kindle by following the instructions below. You’ll also need to add your own email address to the Approved list, as only these addresses can email your Kindle to prevent spam.

Copy and paste your Kindle email address into calibre along with the email address you approved, more details below. Then hit the Test email button at the bottom and you should receive an error message to your email account from Amazon Kindle Support saying your email didn’t include any attached documents. This means everything is working fine.

If you don’t receive the error email then it’s most likely that the email address you’re using isn’t authorised to send email to your Kindle, see the section at the bottom of the page on approving your email. if you still don’t get a reply then check your spam folder. If there’s nothing there, try another email address to ‘send email from’ or finally setup a temporary email address via the GMX button in calibre (again these will have to be approved by your on Amazon’s site). Click finish to start up calibre.Calibre email setup

Converting and sending your books

Once in Calibre you can simply drag and drop any ePUB books you may have downloaded into the program to add them to your library. Right-click such a book, scroll down to Connect/Share and then select Email to … and your Kindle address should appear here. If not click Preferences and Sharing books by email to check the address and settings.

Calibre will ask if you want to autoconvert to MOBI format before sending the book, click Yes. The book will be converted and sent to your Kindle. If you don’t receive the book then check that your Kindle’s Wi-Fi is turned on, again go to Settings and make sure Aeroplane Mode is turned Off. Then look for the Wi-Fi symbol to appear at the top of the screen.

If you don’t like the way that the book appears, though we’ve had no complaints ourselves so far, then you can select the book in Calibre, click Convert books at the top and you’ll get a huge range of options to tweak the layout and appearance.Calibre library

Find your Kindle’s email address and approve your email

You can find the address on the Kindle itself, these guidelines are for a current Paperwhite but older models may vary a bit, if you have trouble skip to the instructions below. First got to the home screen, then tap the three lines in the top-right corner to open the menu, choose Settings, then Device Options, then Personalise Your Kindle. At the bottom of this menu your Send-to-kindle email address will be listed.

If you don’t have your Kindle to hand you can get the address through the Amazon website. Login to Amazon, on the homepage roll your mouse over the ‘Your Account’ and select Manage your content and devices, around halfway down the list.Amazon device settings

On the next screen click the middle tab, Devices, and then locate your current Kindle from the list below. You may find this list is cluttered with entries from older devices, devices from people you share your account with, and apps installed on PCs, Android or iOS devices. Once you’ve found your device, click on it and look below for information, including the email address you need to send eBooks to your Kindle via email. Make a note of this.

Then click the settings tab at the top of screen and scroll down to the ‘Approved Personal Document E-mail List’. Here you can check which addresses are authorised and add a new one. Just click ‘Add a new approved email address’.

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