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Sony PRS-T3 eReader spotted at IFA

Sony's latest eBook reader is thin, light and long lasting, but also a little dull. And where's the built-in backlight?

Sony might be a big name in many tech categories, but there’s little doubt that it falls a long way behind Amazon in the eBook Reader chain of command. The new PRS-T3 eReader might be able to do something about that, if our brief first look at IFA is any indication.

Sony TRS-3

The PRS-T3 stands out thanks to an integrated case, which saves you spending extra on a third party cover to protect the delicate eInk display. You can pop it off if you prefer, but it’s a much nicer idea than having a bulky case adding unwanted bulk to an otherwise compact gadget.

Sony has opted to keep physical buttons, rather than go for a touchscreen-only design, and has also neglected to add any kind of integrated lighting. Instead, customers can buy the optional light cover, which has a flip-out LED built into a replacement backing plate. It’s nowhere near as slick as the frontlit display on Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, although it helps keep excess weight and bulk to a minimum.

Sony TRS-3

The screen itself uses a 6in, 1024×768 eInk panel. That’s a big improvement over the old 800×600 screen found on the PRS-T2, but still a way behind the luxurious Kobo Aura HD. It still looks sharp enough for text, even if comic books and graphic novels will look better on other eBook readers, and Sony has done away with full page refreshes to save on battery.

Sony TRS-3

Other nice touches include a quick charge function, which can give the reader enough juice to get through an entire book in just three minutes – perfect if you’re about to leave the house and had forgotten to charge it up beforehand.

Sony TRS-3

The PRS-T3 eReader should be available to buy in a choice of colours directly from Sony. Stock is expected in the next few weeks in the UK, with an estimated RRP of £99.

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