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I recommended the Honor Pad 9 last month and it’s already discounted in Amazon’s sale

The Honor Pad 9 impressed me enough to earn a Recommended award, and now you get one for its best price yet in the Amazon spring sale

The dust has barely settled since the Honor Pad 9’s launch last month but it’s already received a decent discount in the Amazon spring sale.

Previously retailing for £300, the Honor Pad 9 is now just £250. After vigorously testing it, I proclaimed the Honor Pad 9 to be one of the best tablets in its price range, so this discount makes it even more of a bargain. You’ll want to get in quick, however, as the deal is only running until 25 March.

Did the Honor Pad 9 get a good review?

  • I rated the Honor Pad 9 four stars out of five in my review and gave it the Expert Reviews Recommended award.
  • All that held it back from getting five stars was a slight dip in battery life, compared to the previous model, and software that isn’t as optimised for the tablet format as Apple’s iPadOS.
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What’s so good about the Honor Pad 9?

  • The most attractive thing about the Honor Pad 9 is the big, vibrant 12in display. This got a couple of key improvements over the Honor Pad 8, too, with the resolution bumped up to a sharper 2,560 x 1,600 and the refresh rate doubled to a smooth 120Hz.
  • Peak brightness is also notably better on the Pad 9 than it was on the Pad 8. During testing, I recorded a peak of 526cd/m2, which is very bright for a tablet of this price.
  • The display also achieved decent colour accuracy for this price: using a colourimeter, I measured an average Delta E colour variance score of just 1.32, which is very good for a budget tablet.
  • Performance gets a big leap over the Honor Pad 8, too: the Pad 9 left its predecessor in the dust in both our CPU and GPU benchmark tests.

Are there any disadvantages to this Honor Pad 9 deal?

  • The battery didn’t last quite as long as the Honor Pad 8’s in our looping video test (12hrs 38mins, compared to 13hrs 39mins).
  • While the big, beautiful display is great for streaming, the software isn’t fully optimised for productivity, so anyone hoping for a laptop replacement will still be better off with an iPad – but be prepared to fork out much more than this.
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How has the Honor Pad 9’s price changed over time?

  • The Honor Pad 9 launched in February 2024 for £300.
  • This is its first discount at Amazon, making the deal price of £250 the lowest on record by default.

Where can I find more tablet deals?

How does Expert Reviews find deals?

We’ve got a whole article laying out our deals-hunting process, so you can get a more detailed explanation here. To give you a broad overview: we diligently compare deal prices to the product’s average, to ensure it’s a worthwhile discount, and refer to our reviews to confirm whether or not we’re comfortable recommending the product at the new price.

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