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Tado second-gen Smart Thermostat gets physical controls

touch-friendly thermostat will eventually include controls for multiple heating zones too

Tado, one of a growing number of smart home companies looking to save you money on your heating bills with intelligent thermostats and boiler controls, has announced the second generation version of its Smart Thermostat. It gains physical controls for the first time, letting anyone adjust the temperature – even if they have yet to install the smartphone companion app.

Previously, the original Tado kit could only connect your heating to the internet, letting you control the temperature through a mobile app or website, but now you’ll be able to check the current temperature, raise or lower it, and change heating modes without reaching for your smartphone or a computer first. If you have a suitable boiler, you’ll also be able to control your hot water supply for the first time. The LED matrix display lights up when you tap the thermostat, giving you at-a-glance information, or when you make an adjustment using the app.

Tado has expanded its compatibility list, to the point that “nearly all” boilers will work with the system – even older analogue ones that you adjust on the boiler itself. Using the new extension kit, which will be available separately, you can plug directly into the boiler then position the thermostat anywhere in your home.

Zoning capabilities, which let you control different parts of your house separately, are due to be added to the new system in the coming weeks – something the old model won’t be capable of, according to the company. Otherwise, existing Tado customers won’t be missing out, as the original model has almost all the same features – minus the physical controls. Both models will be eligible for all future software updates, and with iOS and Android apps already available (plus Windows Phone app on the way imminiently) almost everyone should have a compatible smartphone or tablet for controlling the system. Once installed, the geolocation feature can adjust the temperature automatically based on how far away from home you are – so you always come back to a warm house.

Tado expects the second generation Smart Thermostat to launch in the coming weeks here in the UK. You’ll be able to buy one outright for £199, or rent one for £5 a month. Anyone renting the original model should soon get a price cut too.

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