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Facebook now stalks you across web, flogs ads

Facebook ad preferences

New targeted advertising on Facebook will be accompanied by ad preferences with information about users

Advertisers on Facebook will have access to information about websites and apps you use as the company targets “interest-based” promotions.

Facebook said that users in the US will soon start seeing more targeted adverts, adding that they would be more relevant to people’s interests.

The social network is looking to bolster its revenues with more lucrative, targeted advertising. At present targeted ads on Facebook use Page likes and profile information. Now websites and apps will also be used.

“This is a type of interest-based advertising, and many companies already do this,” Facebook explained.

If someone has been looking online for a new TV it will likely be reflected in the adverts they see on Facebook, while data from certain apps will also be used to change what adverts you see.

As part of the changes Facebook said it would be more open about the information it gathers on users and allow them to change it.

Facebook users in the US, where the service is being trialled, will also be able to opt out of Facebook’s targeted advertising by using the industry-standard Digital Advertising Alliance.

New ad preferences information will explain why certain adverts are being shown. Clicking on a ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’ button will display why Facebook thinks it is relevant.

Users can also remove items from their Facebook advertising profile. In an example the social network showed an advert for televisions, with an option to remove this interest from the profile.

The feature is being trialled initially in the US before being rolled out globally in the coming months.

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