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Best broadband deals 2024: Get savings from the top internet service providers this February

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Looking to switch provider? You’re in the right place: we've collected the best broadband deals in your area this February

It’s important to keep your eyes peeled for the best broadband deals. All of the best broadband providers whether they’re big or small, are jostling for your attention by including eye-boggling download speeds and extra goodies such as gift cards. But which one should you pick? We’ve scoured the web to bring you the best broadband deals on the market.

To help you find the best plan for your needs, we’ve rounded up the best below in five categories: the best deal overall, the best budget-friendly offer, the best for speed, the best for customer service and the best with a TV extra.

Not sure where to start? Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find advice on how to pick the best broadband deal for you.

Deal: Pick up a phenomenal broadband offer from Plusnet | 145Mbits/sec for £27/mth | 24-month

Plusnet, which picked up four stars out of five in our review, is currently serving up an average download speed of 145Mbits/sec for just £27/mth on a two-year contract, with nothing to pay upfront. Note that the price will rise every March, though.

Best broadband deals: At a glance

Best overallZen InternetCheck price at Zen Internet
Best budgetThreeCheck price at Three
Best speedHyperopticCheck price at Hyperoptic
Best customer servicePlusnetCheck price at Plusnet
Best broadband and TV bundleNow BroadbandCheck price at Now Broadband

The best broadband deals you can buy in 2024

1. Zen Internet: The best broadband deal overall

Price: £35/mth | Speed: 106Mbits/sec | Plan: 18 months

View deal at Zen Internet

To say that we were impressed by this UK-based internet service provider (ISP) would be something of an understatement: we awarded it a full five stars out of five and an Expert Reviews Best Buy award in our latest, in-depth Zen Internet review. That’s the highest praise we can give.

Zen Internet scored highly across the board for its industry-leading customer service – with trained technicians in its UK call centres – high speeds and rock-solid reliability. In the words of our reviewer, it’s simply “the best when it comes to pure broadband”.

Its plans certainly aren’t the cheapest around, but they’re excellent value for money considering the sheer quality of the company’s service. The deal we’re singling out here gets you an average download speed of 106Mbits/sec for £35/mth on an 18-month contract, with just £15 to pay upfront and no price increases during your contract – a rarity nowadays.

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View deal at Zen Internet

2. Three: The best broadband deal on a budget

Price: £11/mth for 6 months, then £22/mth | Speed: Around 150Mbits/sec | Plan: 24 months

View deal at Three

If you live in an area covered by 5G, this is by far the cheapest broadband deal we’re happy to recommend at the moment: an average download speed of 150Mbits/sec for a mere £11/mth for the first six months of a two-year contract via Three, with nothing to pay upfront. The price will then rise to £22/mth from month seven, meaning you’ll be saving £66 overall.

What’s more, the ISP was the worthy recipient of four stars out of five and an Expert Reviews Recommended award in our most recent Three broadband review, where we praised its incredible value for money and versatility for those who can’t get a fixed-line connection. However, there were question marks over its customer service and keep in mind that your speeds will depend on the strength of your mobile signal.

A further caveat is that the price above will increase each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus an extra 3.9%. Three is by no means alone in doing this, though: plenty of the other major ISPs hiking up their prices every year too.

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View deal at Three

3. Hyperoptic: The best broadband deal for speed

Price: Free for three months, then £40/mth | Speed: 900Mbits/sec | Plan: 24 months

View deal at Hyperoptic

As we explained in our full Hyperoptic broadband review, the ISP is taking on the big-hitters – and doing an excellent job. We awarded it four stars out of five and an Expert Reviews Recommended award for its blistering speeds, as this deal aptly illustrates, and good customer service. There’s a caveat, however: it currently only reaches 1.4 million homes in the UK, making it something of a postcode lottery.

If you’re in luck and have a need for speed, this is our pick of the Hyperoptic deals at the moment: a gargantuan 900Mbits/sec for nothing at all for the first three months of a two-year contract, with £19 to pay upfront. The price will then rise to a respectable £40/mth for the remaining 21 months.

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View deal at Hyperoptic

4. Plusnet: The best broadband deal for customer service

Price: £27/mth | Speed: 145Mbits/sec | Plan: 24 months

View deal at Plusnet

Our most recent Plusnet review awarded the internet service provider (ISP) four stars out of five and an Expert Reviews Recommended award for its top-tier customer satisfaction rates, its great range of plans to suit every budget and, most importantly, its rock-solid reliability. In short, it’s an easy recommendation.

And deals like this make our job even easier: for a limited time, you can nab an average download speed of 145Mbits/sec (which is enough for a generous handful of devices to connect wirelessly at the same time) for £29/mth on a two-year contract, with nothing to pay upfront.

The only fly in the ointment is the fact that the price will rise each year on 31 March by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus 3.9%, but Plusnet is by no means alone in this respect as many of the major providers have decided to hike up their prices.

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View deal at Plusnet

5. Now Broadband: The best broadband deal with a TV add-on

Price: £31/mth | Speed: 63Mbits/sec | Plan: 12 months

View deal at Now Broadband

This broadband and TV deal promises a lot of bang for your buck: an average download speed of 63Mbits/sec, 16 live Sky channels and hundreds of boxsets via the Now TV Entertainment package for £31/mth on a one-year contract, with £10 upfront. That means you’ll be able to watch channels such as Sky Atlantic and Sky Max, as well as catch up on award-winning series such as Succession, The White Lotus, House of the Dragon and The Last of Us.

There are a couple of important things to bear in mind, though: first, our latest Now Broadband review awarded the ISP a middling three stars out of five and, second, the price above will increase each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus an additional 3.9%.

Read our full Now Broadband review

View deal at Now Broadband

How does Expert Reviews find the best broadband deals?

Here at Expert Reviews, we don’t simply copy across all of the latest broadband deals from the internet service providers. Instead, we spend a lot of time and effort picking out the very best offers to get the most for your money, no matter what your needs or budget. As such, there are three important criteria a deal must fulfil before we recommend it.

  1. Is the provider up to scratch? We refer to our in-depth broadband reviews and the results of our annual Best Broadband Awards to make sure you won’t be getting a poor, unreliable service or non-existent customer service.
  2. Is it too expensive? While there will always be a place for top-of-the-range broadband plans, we recognise that these are very tricky financial times and will, therefore, include a budget-friendly option that you can pick up without compromising on quality.
  3. Are there hidden catches? If a broadband deal comes with a mid-contract price increase – as they increasingly do nowadays – we’ll always make sure to mention it. The same goes for high upfront costs and free gifts that aren’t as good as they first appear.

For more detailed information on how we identify deals, please visit our dedicated page.

How to pick the best broadband deal for you

It can be tricky to read between the broadband lines, with lots of jargon and figures being bandied about. To help, we’ve rounded up the key considerations below.

Can you get full fibre?

It’s all change in the British broadband world, with dozens of networks appearing across the country that offer full-fibre connections – rather than the traditional, far-slower copper cables. Even better, all of this new competition is driving down prices, making it something of a buyer’s market.

If you live in a town or city, it’s highly likely that you’ll have access to a full-fibre connection, but there are lots of exceptions to this general rule in the countryside. The simplest way of finding out is to pick one of our recommended broadband deals above and use the service provider’s tool to see if full-fibre speeds are available in your neck of the woods.

What’s the best speed for you?

There are a huge number of different speed plans to pick from at the moment, but you may end up paying for megabits you simply don’t need. Consequently, we’d say that an average download speed of around 100Mbits/sec is likely to be enough for most households, which you can step up to 300Mbits/sec or even 500Mbits/sec if you’ve got a big family or do lots of bandwidth-hungry tasks such as downloading game updates.

Meanwhile, gigabit speeds (1,000Mbits/sec) should only appeal to a minority of power-user homes and, at the other end of the spectrum, a speed of 36Mbits/sec is designed for those who only browse the web or do an occasional spot of streaming from a couple of devices.

How long should the contract last?

The vast majority of providers offer either 18-month or 24-month contracts, although a select few also let you pick 12-month plans. The latter will provide more flexibility, but keep in mind that many ISPs have recently decided to hike up the prices mid-contract in April, usually by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus an extra 3.9%. However, a notable exception is our favourite provider overall, Zen Internet.

Is there an upfront cost?

Massive setup fees are, mostly, a thing of the past and it’s now unusual to spend more than £30 upfront, with many ISPs waiving them entirely as an extra incentive. Nevertheless, we’ll always mention when there’s a one-off fee so you’re not caught off-guard.

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