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Get four Tiles and a Nest Mini for £65

Peace of mind and a digital butler for £65

If you constantly find yourself misplacing things, then this Tile deal is certainly worth considering. Right now, Argos is selling the “Tile Essentials” pack consisting of four Tile Bluetooth trackers for £64.99 – and throwing in a free Nest Mini
You probably already know what the Nest Mini is (although you may be more familiar with it under its former name: Google Home Mini), but Tile is slightly more obscure, so let me give you a quick explainer.
In short, Tile is a family of Bluetooth trackers. Attach one to your most valuable items, and when you lose them, your phone uses its Bluetooth to tell you how close you are to the item. Press a button, and the Tile will play a maddeningly catchy chiptune through its tiny but mighty built-in speaker helping you hear it, even if you can’t see it.
And if you’re not in range? That’s the clever bit – because several million people use the Tile app, if you mark something as “lost”, the community begins quietly hunting on your behalf. If a Tile user walks past your lost item, you get a notification telling you where it was last seen, giving you the opportunity to collect it.
That’s the gist of it, anyway, and the Essentials pack comes with four Tile devices. The Tile Mate (£20, a keyring), the Tile Slim (£25, designed to live in the wallet) and two Tile Stickers (£35, waterproof and able to stick to anything). 
Bought individually, that comes to £80 before you even get to the Nest Mini, which retails for £50 (and can now find your Tiles if you’ve misplaced your phone too). Being able to protect your valuables with Tiles may be priceless, but if you had to put a price on it, then £65 sounds very reasonable indeed.  
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