Win Tickets to London 2012 with Cisco’s KayakAttack

Kat Orphanides
14 Mar 2012
Kayak Attack

Procrastinate from work and try to score some sweet loot in the process

With most of the Olympic tickets now dispersed, your best chance of getting one now lies in the hands of the Games’ partners and sponsors. Networking giant Cisco - which Expert Reviews readers may know best for its Linksys range of home routers, including the award-winning WRT320N - is responsible for the London Olympics’ network infrastructure and has a share of the tickets as a result.

The company’s taken time out from networking the games to produce a game that’s more within the scope of non-Olympians, giving all of us an opportunity to win some of those coveted tickets. KayakAttack is a Flash game which you can play in your browser. All you have to do is log your score and submit some information about yourself and your role at work to be entered into a random draw for Olympic tickets.

Pure acquisitiveness aside, the game’s rather fun, setting you the task of kayaking down the Thames and leaping over obstacles such as giant taxis, police helmets and Foot Guards which inexplicably litter the river. It’s no [an href="" target="_blank"]Pole Riders[/a] and we’re not entirely sure that the Olympic rules allow the use of jetpacks, but it’s certainly an entertaining alternative to actual work.

Meanwhile, if you have a burning desire to find out about Cisco’s role in the London 2012, as well as getting more opportunities to win tickets, you can learn all about it at

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