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LG Smart Hom-Bot Square review – Hands on with the smarter vacuum

LG adds smartphone control to its latest robotic vacuum

We hate vacuuming, mainly because it’s almost impossible to play with the latest gadgets while doing it and you can’t even listen to the radio. Because of this, we love robotic vacuums and LG’s latest is the smartest yet, despite having a slightly rubbish name, it’s the LG Smart Hom-Bot Square.

LG Smart Hom-Bot Square

The Hom-Bot may sound like something from Futurama, but it really is far more advanced than previous (non-Smart) models thanks to its integration with your smartphone. Download the app and you can then command the Hom-Bot, via its Wi-Fi connection to your home router, whether you’re at work or at home. You can check that it’s done its cleaning tasks, command it to give everything another going over if you’ve got guests coming, or even take direct control of it and drive it around like a remote control car, just to get to that awkward spot.

LG Smart Hom-Bot Square

You can take direct control of the Hom-Bot via the app

Of course, it shouldn’t miss anything to begin with, thanks to dual cameras that help it find its way around. It also has longer brushes than before, by 15mm, to help it get right into corners. The dustbin is bigger too and upgraded filters HEPA 11 filters should also help remove odours from your home as air passes through the Hom-Bot.

LG Smart Hom-Bot Square

It will also report its current status back to your phone

We hope to be giving it the ultimate test by setting it loose in the Expert Reviews labs in the near future. The last robot hoover we had disappeared under a pile of boxes, we found it weeks later, clogged up with the endless cable ties (the ones which keep new power cables neat in the box) that litter our labs floor. Smart Hom-Bot, you have been warned.

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