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Second generation Dyson Cool Air Multiplier fan now quieter than ever

Dyson invested three years, 65 engineers and £40m to create the quietest Air Multiplier fan yet

Dyson has revealed its second generation Air Multiplier Cool fan, promising a noise reduction of almost 75% compared to the outgoing model, which was already an improvement over traditional, bladed fans. The new fan took 65 engineers over three years to develop, producing 640 prototypes at a cost of over £40 million worth of research and development.

Like its predecessor, it works by using electric motor in the base of the fan to draw in air at a high speed, before shooting it up towards the main ring. The air is them directed as a constant stream outwards, meaning it doesn’t have any of the wind buffering normally seen in bladed fans.

The breakthrough in noise reduction came from the use of Helmholtz cavities – chambers built into the base of the fan designed specifically to increase air pressure, dissipating sound energy in the process and making the device quieter. It’s the same principle Dyson used when creating its latest Cinetic vacuum cleaners, increasing pressure without increasing noise.

Dyson has used the Helmholtz cavity design to tune the sound of the fan specifically to make it less of a strain on human ears. Each Helmholtz cavity targets a 1,000Hz frequency, which according to research people find “particularly irritating”, deadening the sound before it becomes annoying. The design is so effective, Noise Abatement Society as given the new fans its Quiet Mark award, for improving modern life by making it quieter.

Dyson Cool Air Multiplier fan

The updated Dyson Air Cool fan will be launching in three varieties: the 12in AM06 Desk fan, the 1m tall AM07 tower fan and the extendable AM08 pedestal fan. Each will be available in a range of colours. Prices are expected to start from £220 for the AM06, rising to £300 for the AM08. All three models should go on sale later this month.

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