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Innergie mCube Pro review

Innergie mCube Pro
Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £105
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It’s a useful piece of kit, but it's the high price that ultimately holds the mCube Pro back.

Innergie is a new brand, but its parent company – Delta Electronics – is huge. In fact, it manufactures power supplies for most of the big laptop companies, so you probably already own one.

The mCube Pro is a universal power supply that comes with tips for the vast majority of laptops, but you can check if yours is supported at Innergie’s website. The mCube Pro is capable of 65W continuously, or 90W peak. A sliding voltage selector has two positions: 15-17V and 18-21V. This covers the majority of laptops, but it won’t work with those that need 12V.

We tried it with several laptops and netbooks, and found that it remained reasonably cool. However, our Sony Vaio FW11E, which the website said was compatible, caused it to overheat, so check your existing power supply’s rating to make sure your device doesn’t require more than 65W.

As well as powering your laptop or netbook, the mCube Pro also has a USB port that provides enough power to charge an iPad, mobile phone, satnav, e-book reader or MP3 player.

That’s not all, as the lower quarter detaches to become a portable power supply that you can use in a car or aeroplane. For the former, there’s a cigarette lighter adapter, while the included aeroplane adapter will fit most planes. However, not many planes have power sockets.

In the box is a zip case containing all the accessories, including a separate pouch with the tips. It’s good that Innergie’s warranty means you can request replacement tips for free if you lose them.

If you carry lots of gadgets around with you that need recharging, the mCube Pro might justify its steep price. However, with many universal adaptors costing around £30, it’s much harder to justify the cost if you won’t use all the mCube Pro’s features.



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