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Aeris Swopper review

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £470
inc VAT

This super-stool keeps you physically active as you sit and work, which will be useful for some and hell for others

Considering it looks like a stool, £470 seems like an extraordinary amount of money for the Aeris Swopper. Fortunately, this is anything but an ordinary stool.

The key difference is that the Swopper leans in any direction as you shift your weight around. You might think you sit relatively still at your desk, but most of us turn, twist, stretch and reach. The Swopper provides a more active way of sitting, and you have to use your own core muscles in your torso to stay upright as you shift about. Like some of the posher chairs we’ve seen, the Swopper allows you to lean forward towards your work, with the angle helping to keep your spine straight as you do so.

Aeris Swopper 2

There are three adjustments you can make. The large lever on the back controls a standard gas lift, so you can set the default height for your desk and leg length. You can also adjust the strength of spring around the lift, so you can have the Swopper as solid, or as light and bouncy as you. Finally you can set the resistance in the tilt mechanism, if you don’t like to lean about too much.

The stool comes in three parts, but these simply slide together with precision and then stay together without apparent resort to bolts or clips. The seat on top is available in a number of different finishes and colours, if you fancy something more colourful. With a 410mm diameter it should suit most backsides.

It certainly is a very active chair, after the first day we could feel the muscles in our stomach and lower back complaining from the extra effort, but got over that, but still felt a bit more tired than usual by the end of the day. In short, if you’re looking to improve your posture and get some exercise at your desk, the Swopper is an excellent choice, but it isn’t for everyone.