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Aeris Muvman review

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Price when reviewed : £341
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The Muvman is a highly adjustable chair which helps you to better posture – it's expensive, though

We’re more than a little keen on Aeris’s range of good posture-promoting seating, with the Aeris Swopper stool gaining four stars in our recent round-up of office chairs. The Muvman is based on a similar concept. It also tilts as you lean in any direction to help you avoid hunching over your desk or putting undue pressure on your spine, while keeping your back mobile to strengthen it.

Aeris Muvman

The Muvman is massively adjustable in height, making it suitable for use with everything from a low desk to a drafting table, counter or lab bench. In keeping with its name, it’s easy to move around, too, with a convenient handle at the back of the seat. The seat itself is lightly but comfortably padded with foam, although the handle means that you can’t just drop on to it in the way you can with the Swopper, in case you hit the handle and hurt your bottom. It also lacks the Swopper’s bouncy Zebedee-like spring, but although that makes it a little less entertaining, it’s no less comfortable to sit on.

Aeris Muvman

At first, the stool felt a little precarious at its higher extensions, but we soon became accustomed to the way it moved with us as we leaned towards our desk. It doesn’t shift as much as much as many posture-improving stools and all its movement comes from a joint at the bottom, where the stem meets the baseplate. When sitting on the Muvman we experienced none of the stiffness we usually associate with long hours spent in more traditional chairs.

Aeris Muvman

Unfortunately, although the Muvman isn’t as expensive as the original Swopper, its price is still a long way from comfortable at £341. If you have posture or back problems, though, or if you simply ache after long days hunched over your desk, the Muvman is an eminently flexible, comfortable and healthy seating option.