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Best tech to declutter your life – Top 10

Ten ways of using technology to rid yourself of needless things

Modern life could be defined by dwindling personal space and increasing numbers of gadgets that you’re positive you need right until you get them home. We can’t help you quell the urge to buy things you don’t need or make your home larger, but we can help you make the most of the space you have with the clever application of some well chosen tech.

10. Retire your desktop PC

If you’re going to start decluttering your life with the help of technology, you’ll need a computer. However, a giant desktop PC takes up loads of space in its own right. If you’re a typical computer user, who mostly browses the web, writes documents and occasionally plays the odd game, then you probably don’t really need a bit PC and monitor combination occupying your desk.

Dell Inspiron 17RA 17in laptop is probably as much computer as the vast majority of people need

However, for many, a laptop is the perfect solution. Gamers can opt for a powerful laptop system such as Samsung’s Series 7 Gamer, but most of us would do will with Dell’s Inspiron 17R for our computing needs.

9. Ebook readers

If, like us, you’re an avid reader, than it’s likely that most of the objects cluttering up your personal space will be books. We were slow to accept the concept of ebook readers, but doing so has made a massive impact on the amount of available space we have. We still keep a few books around – unusual editions, small press publications and graphic novels, but not having to buy a physical copy of the latest doorstop-sized entry in our favourite series is a massive space-saver.

Top ten tech decluttering toolsEbook readers are a brilliant option when you’ve run out of shelf space

Readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo’s Ereader Touch and Sony’s Reader PRS-T1 allow you to store and read hundreds of books – more can be kept, organised and even converted between popular eReader formats using software such as Calibre.

8. Google Docs

Whether you make the leap to a laptop or not, Google’s online office applications and calendar allow you to access and edit all your crucial documents wherever you are.

As long as you’re able to get online and use a computer, you’ll be able to keep working without having to invest in any extra hardware. Meanwhile, Google Calendar and Gmail can be integrated with your smartphone and browser to create truly seamless and entirely mobile access to your contacts and calendars. So it’s goodbye to copies of Microsoft Office and installation disks; as well an end to address books and post-it note reminders.

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