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Vodafone Broadband: Must try harder

Vodafone delivers a solid showing in almost every area, but it fails to excel – other providers simply do it better

£23 (Starting from) Note: The monthly price shown plus all out of bundle charges will increase each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation plus 3.9%
mid contract price rises teaser home hub on a wooden cabinet with a plant behind it
Mid-contract broadband and mobile price increases

Take note before you sign on the dotted line

Virgin_Vs_Sky_teaser on a blue background
Virgin Media vs Sky Broadband

Which provider has the edge or is it just “the best of a bad bunch”?

EE_Vs_BT_teaser on a blue background
EE vs BT Broadband

A healthy sibling rivalry or will BT come out on top?

Plusnet_Vs_BT_teaser logos on a blue background
Plusnet vs BT Broadband

Can Plusnet’s budget-friendly service beat BT’s faster, more reliable one?

Talktalk_Vs_BT_teaser logos on a blue background
TalkTalk vs BT Broadband

Can cheap and cheerful TalkTalk beat BT’s more pricey, high-performance service?

Everything you need to know about your router settings

Beefing up Wi-Fi security and adding extra features by tweaking your router settings is easier than you think

wi-fi 6 lit up in an earth light what is wi-fi 6
Everything you need to know about WI-Fi 6

We’ve got everything you need to know about Wi-Fi 6 including performance, compatibility and how it can speed up your network

What broadband speeds do I need?

The difference between feeling the need for speed, and knowing it

modern wifi router in a domestic setting with a plant in the background
"Guaranteed broadband speeds": What you need to know

We explore why you might not be getting the speeds you’re paying for, ways to test your connection and how the best ISPs measure up