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Latest Operating systems

Windows 10
How to stop Windows 10 updates eating bandwidth
Operating systems

Microsoft has changed the way that updates work, using your bandwidth to distribute them. Here's how to stop it.

Windows 10 dark theme
How to enable the Windows 10 and Edge dark theme
Operating systems

Want a bit more contrast in Windows 10 and Edge browser, so it's easier to read text? Here's how you do it

The signup page for OneDrive
How to bring back OneDrive Placeholders in Windows 10
Operating systems

Microsoft’s cloud storage, OneDrive is an integral part of Windows 10, but it misses Placeholders: here’s how to fix them

Full screen Windows 10 Start menu
How to customise the Windows 10 Start menu
Operating systems

The Windows 10 Start menu might be back, but it could be better as we show you with our top tips

Windows 10 Snap
How to enable Windows 10 GodMode and more
Operating systems

Tweak all of Windows 10's settings with GodMode and get the new OS to work the way you want with our in-depth advice

Windows 10 Mobile press shot
Windows 10 Mobile review - the future's bright but be wary
Mobile phones Operating systems

Continuum is fantastic, and the overall interface is now much cleaner to use, but performance is a problem for now

SteamOS review
Gaming Operating systems

It's free, but poor performance, UI problems and a lack of games mean it's a false economy

Logo - OS X El Capitan
Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan review
Operating systems

A slew of minor upgrades and improvements add up to make El Capitan a must-have update for OS X users

Windows 10 Mail about to get much less annoying
Operating systems

New option to allow Mail users to switch off Conversation view

Windows 10
Windows 10 overtakes OS X 10.10 in first month
Operating systems

Windows 10 grabs more than 5% of the desktop market in its first full month since launch