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Latest Operating systems

Windows 10
Windows 10 privacy issues solved
Operating systems

We take you through 10 steps to understand Windows 10's privacy settings

Windows 8
How to downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7 or 8
Operating systems

Found that Windows 10 isn’t really the OS for you? You can simply restore your computer back to its original state

Windows 10 blue logo background
Windows 10 can't be installed on a new PC after a year
Operating systems

If you've got a retail version of Windows 7 or 8 and want to transfer it and your free Windows 10 upgrade to a new PC, you've got one year

Windows 10 Cortana
Don't click on that Windows 10 update email
Operating systems

Malware writers take advantage of expectant Windows users by holding PCs to ransom

Edge vs Internet Explorer vs Chrome
Operating systems

We run some tests on Windows 10's new browser, to see if it's really better than IE

Twitter for Windows 10
At last! Twitter gets a Windows app update
Operating systems

After being left to rot on Windows 8, Twitter has revamped its Store App for Windows 10

How to set up Xbox One game streaming on Windows 10
Gaming Operating systems

We walk you through the new Windows 10 Xbox app, showing you how to get your Xbox One streaming to your Windows 10 device

Side by side Windows 10
How to manage windows on Desktop and Tablet in Windows 10
Operating systems

Windows has long had impressive window management features, and Windows 10 kicks things up a notch

Windows 10 blue logo background
How to switch tasks faster in Windows 10
Operating systems

Windows 10's new, improved Task Switcher makes for some highly efficient multitasking

WIN TAB task switching
How to use virtual desktops in Windows 10
Operating systems

Virtual desktops are a great way to keep your applications organised in Windows 10