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Latest Tablets

Asus Transformer Prime
Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime review
Laptops Tablets

Only available with its dock for now, but this is certainly the best Android tablet money can buy

£499 inc VAT
Xoom 2
Motorola Xoom 2 review
Laptops Tablets

The best Android tablet to date, well-built with a great screen, but it's not a ground-breaking product

£380 inc VAT
Sony Tablet P
Sony Tablet P review
Laptops Tablets

A compact and hard-wearing tablet for day-to-day tasks on the go, but there are drawbacks to its dual-screen design

£499 inc VAT
Endless Ideas BeBook Neo
Endless Ideas BeBook Neo review

The Neo's Wacom stylus support is too laggy to be useful and increases both its weight and price, making it poor value

£159 inc VAT
Iriver Story HD
Iriver Story HD review

The Story HD's high-resolution screen and clear interface aren't enough to make up for the lack of Wi-Fi or a built-in eBook store at this price

£110 inc VAT
Endless Ideas BeBook Club S
Endless Ideas BeBook Club S review

Broad file format and language support and a host of advanced features make the Club S a geek's dream, but it's frustrating to use

£115 inc VAT
Bookeen Cybook Orizon
Bookeen Cybook Orizon review

Being the slimmest isn't an advantage when the Orizon is so heavy. It's laggy in use and is expensive, too

£118 inc VAT
PocketBook Pro 602
PocketBook Pro 602 review

The Pro 602 is a feature-packed and powerful device, but it's heavy, its user interface is unintuitive to use, its bookshop is limited and it's far too expensive

£145 inc VAT
Icarus Go
Icarus Go review

A simple, no-frills device with good format support and the ability to play music, the Go is one of the lightest eReaders available, but it feels flimsy and doesn't have Wi-Fi or a built-in shop

£95 inc VAT
Kobo eReader Touch
Kobo eReader Touch review

An intuitive touch-based interface, rich text-formatting options and social networking features make the Kobo eReader Touch a great alternative to the Kindle

£110 inc VAT