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Best Lego Star Wars sets 2024: Build your best-loved characters, spacecrafts and more

best new lego star wars sets header young boy building a Lego star ship on a wooden table

Lego and Star Wars unite in these highly sought-after new building sets

Lego Star Wars is a hugely popular and collectable toy line created by Lego. It incorporates characters, vehicles and settings from the Star Wars franchise, reimagining them in Lego form. The sets feature iconic starships, locations and characters from the movies, allowing fans to build and play out scenes from the Star Wars universe.

There are a huge range of Lego Star Wars sets available, including favourites such as the Millennium Falcon, the Executor Super Star Destroyer, Luke’s Landspeeder and Imperial TIE fighters. Many sit in Lego’s top-tier Ultimate Collector Series (UCS for short), which are impressively large models designed for display.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan yourself, or shopping for a child Star Wars fan – or even if you just like Lego and fancy having a go at a Star Wars build – our roundup below includes Lego Star Wars sets to suit all budgets, ages and niche interests. But first, check out our guide on how to find the ideal Star Wars set for you.

Best Lego Star Wars sets: At a glance

Best Lego Star Wars character setChewbacca 75371 (~£180)Check price at John Lewis
Best blow-the-budget Lego Star Wars setVenator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser (~£560)Check price at Lego
Best Lego Star Wars set for kidsGhost & Phantom II (~£150)Check price at Lego
Best Star Wars set for under £20332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Battle Pack (~£19)Check price at Lego

How to choose the best Lego Star Wars set for you

When choosing Lego Star Wars sets, there are a range of questions you might want to ask before taking the plunge.

Are all Lego Star Wars sets suitable for all ages?

The short answer is no. All Lego sets come with an age recommendation on the box: it’s an indicator of the complexity of the build and therefore the enjoyment when building. Of course, this is just a guide.

Those of a younger age will likely enjoy Lego builds they can play with afterwards, whereas some of the bigger Lego Star Wars sets are heavy and enormous, and better for display than as a play experience.

Are all Lego Star Wars sets available all of the time?

Lego doesn’t keep all of its released sets in stock all the time; it retires sets to make way for new Lego sets. You can find out which sets Lego is retiring soon on Lego’s website, so you can perhaps pick up a favourite before it’s gone.

Are Lego Star Wars sets worth the money?

Lego is an investment, for sure – those price tags can be hefty. But the sets are incredibly well made and designed, and are official licensed merchandise from the film franchise. Only you can decide whether you feel a set is worth the money. However, there are often Lego deals to be snapped up.

Happily, Lego holds its value well, with one study showing that Lego is a better investment than gold. For those who wish to resell their Lego, there’s a healthy second-hand market – if you can bear to part with your sets, that is.

How we test Lego Star Wars sets

To ensure that our readers are able to get reliable, unbiased insights before making a purchase, we’ve tested every single one of the sets below. Our rigorous testing methods are designed to delve into products’ performance and, in this case, to evaluate the fun experience while building, as well as the end result.

To find the newest and coolest Lego Star Wars sets, we started building ourselves and recruited some fellow builders, too. Where appropriate, we asked an avid junior Lego builder to have a go – with and without our support. This hands-on assessment enabled us to evaluate the pros and cons of each set.

The best Lego Star Wars sets you can buy in 2024

1. Ghost & Phantom II: Best Lego Star Wars set for kids

Price when reviewed: £150 | Check price at Lego

best new lego star wars sets Ghost _ Phantom on a white backgroundComplex enough for adults but fun enough for kids, we think this Lego Star Wars set offers the perfect balance. You get two models for your money: the Phantom II shuttle, which can attach on to the Ghost starship. There’s some repetition here, but the techniques are varied and smart. This set is also usable with the Lego builder app, which shows you a 3D digital version of what you’re building, and you can track the progress of your build – something that kept our mini tester engaged throughout.

Once built, the Ghost has an opening cockpit and cabin, and our mini tester loved that you can attach and detach the Phantom from it. However, it was the two spring-loaded shooters underneath the Ghost that provided the most play value for our tester.

Key specs – Ages: 10+; Pieces: 1,394

2. Chewbacca 75371: Best Lego Star Wars character set

Price when reviewed: £180 | Check price at John Lewisbest new lego star wars sets Chewbacca on a white background

We’re not going to sugar-coat this – there are a lot of brown bricks in this build. But you’ve come for Chewie, so you know that brown is very much the vibe here. This build is fun, and far quicker than some of the more elaborate Lego Star Wars builds available. On completion, you’re left with a 46cm-tall Chewie, alongside an adorable mini-figure with fact plaque – such a nice touch, we thought.

The thing with Chewie is that he’s a hairy beast, and that’s hard to capture with fairly angular bricks. So while the body looks great, the head looks a little less realistic. Nevertheless, he’s easily recognisable and a fun piece to have on display in your home.

Key specs – Ages: 18+; Pieces: 2,319

3. Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser: Best blow-the-budget Lego Star Wars set

Price when reviewed: £560 | Check price at Lego

best new lego star wars sets Venator on a white background

Okay, so size doesn’t matter if you’re a Jedi – but boy is this build big. It’s designed to be the showstopping centrepiece of any Lego Star Wars display, and in that regard it certainly delivers. You’ll need to really be a fan of prequel-era Star Wars to part with the £500-plus asking price, though.

Get over that and this is a great set, with plenty of different build methods to get to the end result – and, thankfully, blessed little repetition. You build the command bridge and gunship to scale inside the hangar. The iconic Republic red stripes and shape mean it’s instantly recognisable, and it’s faithful to the “real deal”. It’s sturdy once built, and comes with a stand for displaying, too.

Key specs – Ages: 18+; Pieces: 5,374

Check price at Lego

4. Ahsoka Tano’s T-6 Jedi Shuttle: Best mid-level Lego Star Wars set for kids

Price when reviewed: £65 | Check price at Legobest new lego star wars sets Ahsoka on a white background

One of the more simple builds in this lineup, this Jedi Shuttle set is designed with younger Lego Star Wars fans in mind. We recruited a child tester to help with this one, and concluded that it’s a challenge for anyone under eight, but a fun and comfortable build for anyone older; younger builders will need support. However, since it’s designed for kids, there isn’t much repetition and it’s playable, too.

A highlight for our mini tester were the two stud shooters, while the opening cockpit and landing gear was a nice touch that added to the play experience. There are also two storage areas for the tools and weapons, as well as four mini-figures (Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren, Professor Huyang and Marrok). It’s also very much focused on Ahsoka rather than the core film franchise, so probably better suited to children and avid Star Wars fans.

Key specs – Ages: 9+; Pieces: 520

5. 332nd Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper Battle Pack: Best Star Wars Lego set for under £20

Price when reviewed: £19 | Check price at Legobest new lego star wars sets 332nd Ahsoka on a white background

This is a great entry-level build for young kids. It’s quick to build, with very little repetition, meaning our child tester was able to retain focus throughout, gaining a sense of achievement on completing the build on their own. The set comprises four minifigures – Clone Captain Vaughn and three Clone Troopers – with which kids can play once the build is complete. The greatest part of this set for our tester was the two stud shooters on the Swamp Speeder, and the stud-shooting laser canon – delivering numerous hours of imaginative play.

Key specs – Ages: 6+; Pieces: 108

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