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The best new Lego sets for kids and adults in 2023

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Discover the latest builds for any interest or age

The best new Lego sets are endlessly entertaining, versatile and fun for all ages; you’re only really limited by your imagination. There’s something hugely satisfying about starting with a pile of bricks and ending up with a glorious display model.

Lego is constantly innovating and releasing new sets to fuel creativity. Whether you’re into nature, architecture, vehicles or movies, there are plenty of sets to keep kids and adults entertained.

We’ve rounded up the best new Lego sets to help you find your perfect build. We’ve got a good range of sets, so there should be something to catch your eye, no matter your interests or age.

How to choose the best new Lego sets for you

Whether you’re an experienced brick builder or buying a Lego set for the first time, there are a few things to consider before you make the decision.

When do new Lego sets get released?

Lego tends to release new sets at the beginning of the year or in the summer. Sought-after Lego sets will have a rush on them initially, but stock usually replenishes fairly quickly. You can check Lego’s upcoming releases on their website.

What factors should I consider?

When buying a new Lego set, it’s important to consider your budget. Big sets come with hefty price tags, so it might be wise to save up. Think about what you’re interested in, too. You’ll want to choose a set that you either are fascinated by or want to play with or display at the end. It’s meant to be fun, after all.

You may also want to consider the age suitability of the set. If a set is marked for a younger audience, it can still be enjoyed by older builders. The age is just an indication of the difficulty of the build. However, if you’re buying for someone younger than the recommended age, keep in mind that it may require adult supervision.

The size of the Lego set is another important consideration, and the dimensions will guide you here. If you’re displaying the end model, ensure you have the space for it. Some sets are epic, and you’ll need room to spread out to look for the pieces. The more pieces in the set, the more space you’ll need during the build.

What types of Lego sets are there?

Lego sets are sorted into different themes, from licensed sets such as Disney’s Frozen and Star Wars to their own themes, including Ninjago, Technics, Ideas and Friends. Within these themes are stacks of sets to choose from. You might be a dedicated follower of one theme, or you might wish to explore and try different themes.

How we test new Lego sets

We understand that you want in-depth, authentic reviews on which to base your important Lego-buying decision. That’s why we spent a month putting together Lego sets to see if they were worthy of the cut. We recruited participants of different ages to test and assess how enjoyable the build was and the look of the end model. The result should be something fun to display or play with (or both).

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The best new Lego sets you can buy in 2023

1. The Insect Collection: Best Lego set for nature lovers

Price when reviewed: £70 | Check price at LegoBest new Lego sets Insects

Perfect for nature lovers, this Lego Ideas insect set includes life-size models of the blue morpho butterfly, a Hercules beetle and a Chinese mantis in their natural habitats. Each model insect is set within its own ecosystem. The butterfly has adjustable blue wings and comes with a buildable flower and honeybee. Once built, this looked incredibly eye-catching on our bookshelf. The Hercules beetle has wings that can be removed, while you can move the joints on the mantis to put it in different poses.

This is a delightful set, which feels like an achievable build: it’s not going to take months of your life, and an adult could do it as a project alongside a child. You end up with three separate models, which you can display in whatever configuration your heart desires.

Key specs – Age suitability: 18+; Pieces: 1,111; Dimensions: 18 x 17 x 16cm

Check price at Lego

2. Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage: Best new Lego set for movie fans

Price when reviewed: £200 | Check price at LegoBest new Lego set Hocus Pocus

Hot on the heels of Lego’s movie-inspired sets for Home Alone and Back to the Future, this enchanting house from Hocus Pocus offers similar delights. There are six minifigures in this set, including the Sanderson sisters, and it comes packed with fun elements such as light bricks under the cauldron and a slide-off roof that reveals skeletons in the attic. There’s even a water wheel on the side of the cottage that spins, making pink smoke emerge from the chimney.

There are plenty of details in this set to keep die-hard Hocus Pocus fans amused and it won’t take weeks of your time to build either. This is certainly not a budget set, but it is a delightful one.

Key specs – Age suitability: 18+; Pieces: 2,316; Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 24cm

Check price at Lego

3. Batcave – Shadow Box: Best new Lego set for fine details

Price when reviewed: £345 | Check price at LegoBest new Lego set Batman

This set drew gasps from adults and kids alike, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an impressive beast, packed to the rafters with details. The box opens to reveal the Batcave, with a drawbridge, sliding doors and a light-up Batsuit vault. As well as the Batcave, there’s also a Batmobile that fits inside. We loved building this set, and when it was complete we found ourselves going back to admire and play with it.

The drawback of this set is that there are a lot of black bricks, and this meant it was sometimes hard to sustain the interest of our younger testers. But for the adults, we found the build techniques varied enough to keep us going.

Key specs – Age suitability: 18+; Pieces: 3,981; Dimensions: 29 x 51 x 14cm

Check price at Lego

4. Lego DREAMZzz Fantastical Tree House 71461: Best new Lego set for kids

Price when reviewed: £95 | Check price at LegoBest new Lego set Treehouse

This is a great, splurge-worthy Lego set for younger brick builders. It’s full of fun, quirky details and forms part of the Lego’s Dreamzzz series. There’s even a programme of the same name on Netflix to bring it to life.

Our mini-testers got stuck into this build, and though their focus waned after a while, with gentle encouragement they were able to build much of it independently. There are loads of different elements and colours to keep the build interesting, while the end product just screams out to be played with. You can build the house in ‘defence mode’ or ‘party mode’, which is great because it can be broken down and reconstructed in a new way. We found it also is a great end toy, that our testers went back to time after time.

Key specs – Age suitability: 9+; Pieces: 1,257; Dimensions: 40 x 37 x 14cm

5. Lego Technic Peugeot 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar: Best new Lego car

Price when reviewed: £170 | Check price at LegoBest new Lego set Peugeot

One for big racing car fans, this Technic set is a 1:10 scale model of the Peugeot 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar. The level of detail is amazing, including optional glow strips and stickers to create your perfect version of this beautiful car. Our testers loved that it included real suspension and faithful details of the actual engine. This is a build that’s going to have petrol heads geeking out.

Once built, it’s a beautiful display piece to showcase in your home or office. It’s quite a big set so make sure you clear the decks before building.

Key specs – Age suitability: 18+; Pieces: 1,775; Dimensions: 13 x 50 x 22cm

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