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The best integrated tumble dryers in 2023

Discover the tumble dryers that can deliver top-notch drying performance while disappearing behind a fitted cupboard door

Unless you really love looking at washing appliances, an integrated washing machine and tumble dryer are a match made in heaven – no-one will ever know they’re there. The best integrated tumble dryers give little away to freestanding models in terms of performance or features, yet disappear completely behind cabinet doors. Even if you are lucky enough to have a utility or laundry room, there’s no need for it to look like a branch of your local launderette.

Given the current focus on energy saving and reducing those mounting electricity bills, investing in a tumble dryer can feel somewhat counter-intuitive. However, for families with a lot of laundry to get through, drying it on an airer in the spare room just isn’t feasible. So, for those of you that can’t do without a tumble dryer, these are our picks of the best integrated models.

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The best integrated tumble dryers: At a glance

How to choose the best integrated tumble dryer for you

What type of tumble dryer is the most energy-efficient?

Ordinarily, we would be advising you on the differences between vented, condenser and heat pump dryers, but most integrated dryers on the market use heat pumps. This is a good thing: heat pump designs are the most energy-efficient you can buy, meaning they’re cheaper to run than the alternatives. The disadvantages are that drying cycles can take much longer than vented dryers and they tend to be more expensive.

What capacity do I need?

While freestanding models come in capacities ranging from around 6kg to 10kg, integrated tumble dryers provide less choice; all the models have a 7kg capacity. If you want a large-capacity dryer for a big household, you will need to buy a freestanding model instead.

Do I need a hole in the wall to vent out the moist air?

If you were buying a freestanding vented dryer, then yes, you would need a hole in the wall so it could pump moist air outside. As virtually all integrated dryers are heat pump models, though, you can leave your wall alone. These models recirculate the warm air around the dryer and collect the moisture in a tank – this needs to be emptied at the end of each drying cycle. It means they’re much easier to install and the dryer doesn’t have to be positioned against an exterior wall.

What are the most useful features and programmes?

  • Dryers with sensor technology will switch off when no more moisture is detected in the load. This avoids over-drying your laundry, which is bad for your clothes and wastes energy.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is another feature that’s becoming more common and can give you access to additional programmes and settings, but it’s by no means essential.
  • A delay timer can be useful, as it allows you to load up and programme the dryer to come on later in the day – or, if you’re on an Economy 7 tariff, when electricity is cheaper. Just make sure you don’t leave wet clothes sitting for too long before starting the cycle, or they’ll come out smelling musty.

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The best integrated tumble dryers to buy in 2023

1. Beko DTIKP71131W: An affordable, energy efficient heat pump dryer

Price: £499 | Buy now from AO

It might be one of the most budget friendly models on our list, but this Beko heat pump dryer is the only one that sports an attractive A++ energy rating. Something that raises it pretty high in the desirability stakes given the current energy crisis we’re all living through.

Meanwhile it matches the other dryers on the list in terms of capacity and number of programmes to choose from, so you don’t have to forego any features in order to get a model that’s going to save money on your electricity bill. 

It’s a popular model – mostly thanks to its energy efficiency – but the presence of automatic sensor drying and sensible, easy-to-understand controls certainly don’t hurt its appeal.

Key specs – Type: Heat pump; Capacity: 7kg; Energy rating: A++; Number of programmes: 15; Sensor drying: Yes; Delay timer: Yes

Buy now from AO

2. Caple TDI4001: The best integrated tumble dryer

Price: £849 | Buy now from NE Appliances

This is the most expensive integrated dryer on this list, but it’s also the model that’s most loved by users, who feel it’s worth the extra investment. Reviewers happily report that it works better than most other integrated heat pump dryers that they’ve owned.

The 15 drying programmes cater for all types of laundry. There’s an anti-allergy cycle and one designed to refresh clothes, as well as all the usual cycles such as delicates, cottons, synthetics and sport. The drying cycles are clearly labelled on the dial, so you won’t need to reach for the instruction manual to figure it out.

Sensor drying improves efficiency, plus there are four drying levels to choose from. The anti-crease function does its bit to minimise the amount of time you will spend at the ironing board, too, which is a definite bonus in our book.

Key specs – Type: Heat pump; Capacity: 7kg; Energy rating: A+; Number of programmes: 15; Sensor drying: Yes; Delay timer: Yes

Buy now from NE Appliances

3. Candy BCTDH7A1TE: The best budget integrated tumble dryer

Price: £499 | Buy now from AO 

It’s almost double the price of the cheapest freestanding heat pump tumble dryer, but for an integrated model, this Candy dryer is about as budget-friendly as they come.

With a large dial to select your drying programme, the controls are user-friendly. If you’re looking for a more high-tech approach, it’s also Wi-Fi enabled so can be controlled via an app on your phone. And despite being the cheapest model on this list, it still has virtually the same specs as all the others, including an A+ energy rating, sensor drying and a delay timer, making this model a bit of a no-brainer.

Key specs – Type: Heat pump; Capacity: 7kg; Energy rating: A+; Number of programmes: 16; Sensor drying: Yes; Delay timer: Yes

Buy now from AO

4. Hoover BHTDH7A1TCE: The best integrated tumble dryer with weight sensors and smart features

Price: £509 | Buy now from Appliance City

This Hoover dryer features a handy sensor drying cycle that weighs the load and works out the optimal drying time for you. It takes the thinking out of setting the dryer programme and ensures your laundry dries efficiently.

You will get the most out of this dryer by connecting it to the app, as it provides 40 additional drying programmes. You can also use it to take a photo of the care label inside your garment and the app will select the right cycle to care for your clothes while maximising drying efficiency.

Users love the easy-access water tank that sits in the door, which provides an at-a-glance indication as to whether it needs emptying.

Key specs – Type: Heat pump; Capacity: 7kg; Energy rating: A+; Number of programmes: 15; Sensor drying: Yes; Delay timer: Yes

Buy now from Appliance City

5. Hoover BATDH7A1TCE-80: Another good integrated tumble dryer from Hoover

Price: £568 | Buy now from John LewisThis model isn’t dissimilar to the above Hoover dryer in price and features, but with so few models to choose from, it was worth us adding both to this list.

This Hoover model is also Wi-Fi enabled. That means you can control it remotely, get access to extra drying programmes and have programme alerts sent directly to your phone.

The 16 standard drying cycles include time-saving options for quick drying tasks, a Woolmark-approved wool cycle and even a hygiene programme.

Key specs – Type: Heat pump; Capacity: 7kg; Energy rating: A+; Number of programmes: 16; Sensor drying: Yes; Delay timer: Yes

Buy now from John Lewis

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