Philips BDP7600 review

Tom Morgan
10 Aug 2011
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All the features you would want from a Blu-ray player, with the addition of fantastic design and a straightforward user interface


Blu-ray players have come a long way from when they first appeared; they are no longer limited to just playback and include features such as 3D support, video playback from USB devices and the same internet TV functions found on high-end TVs. The new BDP7600 from Philips is an excellent example, combining all these features in a stylish unit that won’t break the bank.

Philips BDP7600 front

It might not blend in with your existing A/V separates, but the silver brushed metal effect finish, flared edges and mirrored LED display all look fantastic; we especially liked the row of touch-sensitive buttons that illuminate when pressed. The design scheme continues to the remote control, which resembles a smooth pebble; it’s fairly basic but has a sensible layout and is comfortable to grip.

Philips BDP7600 remote

You may not need to use the remote at all if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, as the BDP7600 supports the free Philips MyRemote app. It replicates every function of the remote control, unlike some apps that only include the basic controls. There was a delay of about half a second between pressing a button on screen and the player registering the action, but it’s still a very useful piece of free software.

The BDP7600 might not have the most attractive or flashy user interface, but that actually works in its favour; the simple, icon-based menus are straightforward and nicely animated, with a sensible layout that was very easy to navigate. The interface is also responsive, although 34 seconds from standby to playing a Blu-ray is only average. There aren’t a huge amount of image quality pre-sets, but the comprehensive manual customisation makes up for this. Noise and artefact reduction, sharpness control and upscaling settings, in addition to colour, brightness and contrast sliders, help you find your own perfect image settings.

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