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Audiofly AF78 review

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Price when reviewed : £170
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Great for fans of electro music, but noise from the cable holds the AF78s back

Not only do the Audiofly AF78 in-ear headphones look fantastic, the model we reviewed also has a built-in microphone for use with your smartphone. Finally, companies like Audiofly are beginning to get noticed in the mainstream, rather than just among serious music fans. The AF78 in-ears look the part, but also squeeze two drivers inside each earpiece to deliver on sound as well as style.

The braided cable, machined aluminium details on each earpiece and metal 3.5mm audio jack are subtly stylish, but the AF78s are compact enough not to draw too much attention on the tube, even with multiple drivers inside. They fit comfortably in your ears and stay firmly in place, so we had no issues using them at the gym.

The AF78s handle low-end frequencies well. Bass is thumping when listening to electronic and heavy rock tracks, with a reassuring presence that gives real depth to some of our favourite test tracks. The presence of a dynamic driver alongside the balanced armature makes all the difference, but unfortunately we didn’t think this balance carried across to some of our more delicate test songs.

Audiofly AF78

The mid-range has a clean sound signature that works well with rock and pop, but acoustic and classical tracks highlight a lack of finesse at the high-end. Cymbals don’t have quite enough bite and vocals aren’t as prominent in the mix. If you mostly listen to electronic music then you’re unlikely to notice these intricacies, but if you have more eclectic tastes the shortcomings are a little disappointing.

Sadly, we had problems with noise being transmitted through the cable when it rubbed against or clothing or was knocked against something. The noise reverberated through the cable and into the earphones, spoiling our listening pleasure somewhat. If you’re sat at a desk or on the sofa this isn’t so bad, but for exercise or even just walking home, we noticed it constantly.

However, we had no problem using the AF78s with our smartphone and could make and answer calls perfectly well.

For £180, the AF78s are competing with a whole host of dual-driver in-ears from the likes of KEF, Westone and Shure. Cheaper models, which admittedly use multiple dynamic drivers rather than a combination of dynamic and balanced armature, can be found from Sony and Lindy too. Ultimately, the AF78s work fantastically well for electronic music, but there are more accurate in-ears out there if you prefer other genres. However, we think £170 shouldn’t produce noise when the cable brushes against your clothing, so we wouldn’t recommend these headphones if you’ll use them when you’re active.




Active noise-cancellingno
Power sourcenone
Frequency response18-22,000Hz
Impedence16 ohms
Plug type3.5mm stereo jack plug
Inline volumeNo
Cable length1.20m
Extrasfoam covers, airplane adaptor, metal case, rubber covers

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