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Denon AH-D340 review

A couple of annoying design oversights detract from this otherwise excellent headphones

The Denon AH-D340s are surprisingly large considering they’re intended for use with portable music devices. The AH-D340s are comfortable to wear for extended periods, which is important if you just want to sit back and enjoy a full album. Although slightly warm, the AH-D340’s memory foam ear pads are light and fit tightly without pressing uncomfortably against our ears or jaw.

Sadly, the headphones felt too loose and wobbled when we moved our head, often feeling as if they were going to fall off. They’re also uncomfortable when slung around your neck when not in use. This is unfortunate, as the headphones are designed for use with iOS and Android devices, and there will be times when you need to quickly remove them to talk to people before donning them again.

The AH-D340’s detachable cable has a third control ring on its jacks and a slim integrated control box that lets you adjust volume and pause and play tracks, and pick up calls. We were surprised to find no locking grip to hold the cable in place, though, and accidentally pulled it out on a number of occasions.

Denon AH-D340

The instructions detail the use of an app called Denon Audio, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Both versions include a fairly standard music player and an internet radio powered by TuneIn. The iOS version has an optional equaliser for which you must pay £1.49 as an in-app purchase. This is irritating, and we think buyers of the AH-D340s should get the full app for free.

Denon AH-D340

While this is a good-sounding pair of headphones, the AH-D340s wouldn’t be our first choice for music on the move due to their size and instability on our head. The Sennheiser’s Momentum On-Ear set is lighter, more secure to wear and we preferred its warm but clear sound.

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