ViewSonic VTV35 review

Barry de la Rosa
17 Nov 2009
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A simple portable TV player; the lack of media file playback is offset by its low price.


ViewSonic's VTV35 is the most basic portable TV player we've seen. It has no SD card slot or USB port, so you can't play MP3s or view video or image files on its 3½in screen. This goes a long way towards explaining why it costs so little.

The VTV35 looks remarkably similar to the Icy Box IB-MP101. However, the extendable antenna is much longer than the flimsy one on the IB-MP101, and reception was much better. However, it's let down by the lack of an external antenna port. Build quality is basic, with plain black plastic all round, although it feels solid.

The program guide and menu system are easy to follow and clearly laid out, with an EPG providing only now-and-next information. The screen flickered a bit in menus, but TV was fine. Our main disappointment was that the TV picture didn't take up the entire screen, with narrow black bars above and below. This is because the screen is a 4:3 ratio, while the Freeview signal is 16:9. You can force it to display at 4:3, but you'll either squeeze the image or lose the edges.

If you want to listen to music, view photos or watch videos as well as TV, Hauppauge's myTV Player is better, but it costs £40 more. The VTV35 is an adequate TV and radio, but as with all portable TVs, you'll often need to search for good reception.




Formatted capacity0MB
Storage mediumportable TV player
Battery and charge optionsincluded charger


Device has screen?Yes
Viewable size3.5 in
Native resolution320x240
Memory card supportnone
FM Radiono
Audio record optionsnone
Video record optionsnone
Supplied withcharger

Test Results

Audio MP3 playbackNo
Audio WMA playbackNo
Audio WMA-DRM playbackNo
Audio AAC playbackNo
Audio Protected AAC playbackNo
Audio OGG playbackNo
Audio WAV playbackNo
Audio Audible playbackNo
Image BMP supportNo
Image JPEG supportNo
Image TIFF supportNo
Video MPEG-4 AVI playbackNo
Video MPEG-4 MP4 playbackNo
Video WMV playbackNo
Video MPEG-1 playbackNo
Video MPEG-2 playbackNo
Video MPEG-2 VOB playbackNo
Video MPEG-4 DivX/XviD supportNo
Video H.264 supportNo
Video MPEG-4 MP3 audio supportNo
Video MPEG-4 AAC audio supportNo
Download compatibilitynone

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