Icecrypt T2400 HD PVR review

Jim Martin
15 Jul 2011
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This Freeview HD recorded has a large hard disk, but lacks internet services, and doesn't support media streaming


The T2400 is the first product we've seen from Icecrypt, a UK-based company that sources its PVRs from Korea. As you'd expect from a modern Freeview PVR, it has two DVB-T2 tuners for watching the full range of Freeview broadcasts, including the four HD channels.

Icecrypt T2400 HD PVR front

Although it's no looker, the T2400 has a useful click wheel on the front which allows you to navigate through menus and change channels if you accidentally lose the remote. To the right of this is a display which shows the current channel and other information and, hidden behind a flap is a USB port and a blanking plate for what would be a TopUP TV slot.

To the rear are two Scart ports, an HDMI output, another USB port, a network socket, stereo phono audio out and an optical S/PDIF. The latter, plus the HDMI output can now output Dolby Digital surround sound thanks to the latest firmware update which enables transcoding from HE-AAC.

Icecrypt T2400 HD PVR back

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There's no fan, so the only noise you'll hear is a faint whir when the hard disk is running. Installation is simple, although the channel search takes a little longer than other PVRs we've tested. Once that's complete, you'll find the interface is straightforward and easy to use.

T2400 electronic programme guide

Unfortunately, the EPG isn't a strong point. There's a video/audio preview, but the actual programme guide is crammed into a quarter of the screen. It shows only five channels but you can set whether to view one, two or three hours' worth of programmes in the space. You can search by keyword, but not by genre.

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