LG 42LM670T 42in LED TV review

Tom Morgan
24 May 2012
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It's beautiful, its 3D performance is fantastic and it's packed full of top-end goodies



42in, Analogue, Freeview HD, 1,920x1,080 resolution, 3D: yes, 4x HDMI

For this review we tested the 42in model in the 670T range, but it's also available in 47in (47LM670T) and 55in (55LM670T) screen sizes. All models have identical specifications except for their dimensions and power usage. We're confident that image quality will be practically identical across the range.

Television manufacturers often hold back top-end features from their mid-range sets to increase demand for more expensive models. Not so with LG. The 670T has almost every single feature of the more expensive 760T series but costs a lot less.

LG 42LM670T

The main difference is that the 670T lacks a dual-core processor and only has 400Hz motion control instead of the 760T’s 800Hz. In practice, this means some of the more advanced image processing algorithms aren’t being used, but you still get plenty of display options to tweak.

In fact, we were impressed by how close we could match it to the more expensive set by spending a bit of time in the menu. Colours range from subtle to garish if you stick with the presets, but the image wizard helps you calibrate the display to suit your own preference. Noise reduction worked well on standard definition content, but HD video is where it excels. Our test footage looked very sharp and detailed, with only a few minor backlight inconsistencies in darker scenes.

3D footage impressed us further, helped by the incredibly vivid colours and refreshing lack of crosstalk. As long as you sit facing the TV straight on, passive 3D has a wow factor that active sets simply can’t match. Although it supports LG's Dual Play 3D mode, which converts split-screen console games to fill the whole screen using polarised glasses, none are included in the box. You do at least get four pairs of regular 3D specs, plus a pair that clips on to glasses.

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