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Ultra-D glasses-free 3D TV review


Thought stereoscopic 3D was the only option? Well Ultra-D sees things a little differently


The bulkier design may put up some consumers, but it could well be a price worth paying for glasses free, headache free 3D TV. We were also assured that the price of the technology would make it competitive and no more expensive than other 4K sets, though that’s not saying much. The company has struck a manufacturing deal with HiSense, who may be new to you, but are the biggest TV manufacturer in mainland China and fifth biggest in the world.

This game worked in 3D but a choppy frame rate didn’t help the demonstration

Seecube are another partner in the venture, and it’s there clever video processing technology that is sued to generate 4K 3D content from HD content such as Blu-ray movies. It’s pretty impressive stuff too, using multiple frames to judge what’s in the foreground and background and then creating the 3D information and upscaling the movie at the same time. The results were the best we’ve seen for such 2D-to-3D conversion.

Here we saw that a standard 3D camcorder can be used with the display

The Ultra-D system is still pretty rough around the edges in terms of image quality and the appearance of the TVs, but it does work and it will be interesting to see if it can make any traction against the big players, who seem to have few practical answers when it comes to providing us with a hassle-free everyday 3D delivery method.

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