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Turn your GoPro into a floater with new range of mounts

GoPro Floaty teaser

Alongside the GoPro Hero4 Session the company has announced a new range of mounts and accessories

Not content with just announcing the GoPro Hero4 Session, the action camera company has also announced a new range of accessories and mounts to help you get the best footage out of your cameras. One of the mounts is designed to work exclusively with the cubed Hero4 Session while the others will work with the entire range. 

Floaty Hero4 Session

GoPro Hero4 Session Floaty

While the Hero4 Session isn’t averse to some water-based action, even without a case, there’s nothing to stop you losing the camera down the bottom of a lake or river if you’re not careful. The Floaty not only adds buoyancy to the Session but its vibrant orange casing will also make it incredibly easy to spot. Of course the Floaty won’t obscure any of the controls so you’re free to shoot away without any problems. The Floaty will cost £19.99.

The Strap

GoPro The Strap

GoPro already has straps for your head and chest, making POV footage a breeze. For those looking for more innovative angles, there’s now The Strap. It will allow you to mount the camera on your arm, wrist, hand or leg. It shouldn’t hinder your movement and we can see this one being popular with climbers in particular. The Strap will cost £49.99.

The Jam

GoPro Hero Jam

GoPros are already favoured by musicians and DJs who like to capture their performances and concerts. In the past they’ve been often knocked together their own mounting solutions or used GoPro’s existing clamp to attach cameras to guitars and mic stands. However, the existing GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp is seriously strong and we were told it’s been known to crush guitar necks. Having wrapped one around a hand, we can attest to its gripping abilities. GoPro has therefore created The Jam, which is designed to specifically attach to anything from guitar necks to keyboards and drum hoops without damaging equipment. It’s adjustable to help you get the best angle but isn’t quite as adjustable as GoPro’s existing gooseneck that comes with the Jaws: Flex Clamp. The Jam will cost £59.99.


GoPro Hero Windslayer

Wind noise can be to the detriment of audio when recording action-packed footage. The Windslayer is a foam windscreen that is designed to help reduce wind noise. It needs to be paired with GoPro’s The Frame mount or used with a Hero4, Hero3+ or Hero3 when used handheld. The Windslayer will cost £19.99.


GoPro Hero Casey

Finally, to help you lug around all of your GoPro cameras and equipment, there’s the Casey. It’s the company’s first official travel and storage case. It’s water-resistant and semi-rigid to keep your equipment safe. It can cope with light rain and snow but don’t expect it to survive anything more severe. There are adjustable padded dividers to help separate and organise your equipment. Casey will set you back £39.99.

All of the new mounts and accessories are available from July 12th.

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