Medion Life P47350 HD review

Seth Barton
29 Nov 2010
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The twisting design is ingenious but video and display quality make it one to avoid.



CMOS (size not disclosed) sensor, PAL, 1,280x720, 1,920x1,080, N/A zoom, 127g

Mini camcorders may be ideal for convenient videoing of friends and family, but their tiny displays aren’t ideal for showing off the results immediately. Medion’s latest mini camcorder makes a big effort to change this, with a comparatively massive 3.5in display.

Medion Life P47350 HD

The large display, the shape and colour scheme, make the P47350 HD reminiscent of numerous smartphones; however, it has a rather nifty trick that none of them can imitate. Push the upper half of the camcorder with your thumb to left and it pivots up and through 90 degrees. This turns on the camcorder and reveals the controls underneath. Best of all though, it provides you with a comfortable handgrip, while the screen is aligned correctly for shooting widescreen video. For all its clever folding design, the P47350 HD is big by mini camcorder standards, though it’s still lightweight and easily pocketable.

The only physical button is used to start shooting. Unfortunately it’s too closely surrounded by touch-sensitive controls, and we found ourselves accidentally changing resolutions between recordings. Speaking of which, there are two main options: 720p video at 60fps with a bit-rate of 4.4Mbit/s, and 1080p at 30fps using 8.6Mbit/s.

Those bit-rates seemed suspiciously low to us, and testing proved our hunch to be well-founded. The video was nastily compressed, with little fine detail. Colours were also well out of sorts, with red and blue casts being apparent - in fact it rendered our white walls in anything but white. Worst of all was some nasty bloom from brighter parts of the image.

Medion Life P47350 HD back

Whether shooting video, or watching it back afterwards, the big screen is disappointing. Medion didn’t disclose the resolution to us, but we’d bet it’s not very high. Everything looks blurry, and contrast is poor. We can’t say whether all these problems are purely down to the screen, with the poor video quality obviously contributing, but frankly it doesn’t matter.

The P47350 HD has no built in memory, and instead uses an SDHC-compatible memory card slot. A 2GB SD card is provided, which will give you around half-an-hour of footage at 1080p, and twice that in 720p mode. 8GB SDHC cards, holding four times these quantities, can be had for under £10 online.

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