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Best integrated washing machine 2023: Discreet, efficient cleaning from as little as £329

Selecting a new integrated washing machine can be tricky. This guide will help you choose the best machine for your budget

The hallmark of the best integrated washing machines is that you will barely even notice they’re there. Unlike freestanding washing machines, these appliances are designed to be built into your kitchen units and covered discreetly by a cabinet door. Ideally, integrated washers should operate quietly, provide a comprehensive choice of wash settings, and have good energy efficiency.

In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best integrated washing machines available to UK shoppers, including impressive newly released appliances, along with some established options that have been a hit with customers and critics. You can expect to leave with a better idea of what you want from an integrated washing machine, and which model fits your needs best. From affordable options to premium models, there should be something for everyone here.

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Best integrated washing machines: At a glance

How to choose the best integrated washing machine for you

How do I know if an integrated washing machine will fit in my kitchen?

Be sure to check the dimensions (width, depth and height) of your kitchen unit before you start shopping around. Integrated models are generally a standard size with a height of 82cm, a width of 60cm and a depth of between 54cm and 56cm. There should also be a little extra room at the back of the appliance (around 3cm) to accommodate the water and electricity connections. You will also need to factor in the thickness of the door you’re going to install on the front, too, which will add another 20mm or so.

What features should my integrated washing machine have?

For the most part, a good integrated washing machine has the same features as a good freestanding washer. It should have a range of wash settings that cover all the washing you need to do – from large, mixed loads to delicate programmes and quick washes. You should think carefully about your requirements, and then check the appliance has suitable settings before you buy. For instance, some machines lack a prewash option, which makes them a poor choice for households with babies or young children where dirty reusable nappies or soiled clothes make a regular appearance. You might also be looking for more advanced features, such as smartphone compatibility, which enables you to control and monitor the appliance via a smartphone app.

Another factor to think about is how an integrated washer will actually integrate into your kitchen. Some buyers will benefit from choosing a non-standard, right-hinged washing machine to suit their left-handedness or a certain kitchen layout. (Most integrated washing machines are left-hinged and opened with the right hand.)

What’s a good energy rating for an integrated washing machine?

For many shoppers, energy efficiency is an important factor when shopping for a washing machine.

Just like fridges, dishwashers and freestanding washing machines, every integrated washing machine has an energy rating, which could be anything from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient).

Buyers should note that the energy rating system for appliances changed in March 2021. The high grades A+++, A++ and A+ were removed from the scale, and a low G grade was added. Also, the criteria for achieving a high grade were made tougher, so an integrated dishwasher that had an impressive grade in 2020 might now have a grade that looks far more modest.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a machine that uses a reasonable level of resources in order to do its job effectively, choose an option with a relatively good energy rating.

Which other factors should I consider?

A key differentiator between integrated washing machines is their capacity. Each machine has a maximum load measured in kilograms, which is usually to do with the size of its drum. Generally, machines with a larger capacity are best for big households, while lower-capacity machines are best for one or two people.

If you’re a noise-sensitive person, you should also consider your chosen washing machine’s operating volume. A machine’s noise level during a spin cycle should tell you how loud a washer will be during its most raucous moments.

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The best integrated washing machines to buy in 2023

1. Baumatic BWI147D4E: Best integrated washing machine under £350

Price: £329 | Buy now from AO

Integrated washing machines below £350 are hard to come by these days. And it’s worth noting that the lower price tag buys you a machine with the smallest capacity on this list. But that said, 7kg is fine for smaller households.

With easy-to-use controls and adjustable spin speed and wash temperatures, this machine offers all the essentials. Wash programmes include all the usual suspects for cottons, delicates, and mixed loads as well as dedicated programmes for shirts, darks, wool, and silk. But it’s the speedy 14-minute quick wash that receives a lot of praise from users. Plus there’s a 30 minute and a 44 minute quick wash option, which are suitable for refreshing clothes which aren’t heavily soiled.

The D energy rating does seem to let it down somewhat, but it would have been the equivalent of an A+++ on the old scale so don’t let this put you off.

Key specs – Max load: 7kg; Energy rating: D; Max spin: 1,400rpm; Noise level (during spin): 77dB

Buy now from AO

2. Beko WTIK76151F: The fastest spin speed for under £400

Price: £399 | Buy now from AO

With great power comes great… affordability? This certainly seems to be true in the case of the reasonably priced Beko WTIK76121. This integrated washer offers spin speeds up to 1,600rpm, which could come in handy if you often have bedding or table linen to wash and you would like to cut down the amount of time it needs on the washing line.

We were impressed with this washer’s comprehensive range of settings, which includes quick washes lasting as little as 14 minutes for a quarter-load, and its drum clean setting, which makes it simple to wash away unwanted detergent residue and keep your machine free from mould and bacteria.

Its C energy rating means it’s just as energy efficient as even the most expensive on this list. Plus, with some parts made out of recycled plastic bottles, it’s at least taking a step in the right direction. Online reviewers praise its washing performance as well as the range of wash programmes available.

Key specs – Max load: 7kg; Energy rating: C; Max spin: 1,600rpm; Noise level (during spin): 71dB

Buy now from AO

3. Whirlpool BIWMWG91484UK: Best integrated washing machine for bigger households

Price: £499 | Buy now from AOHere’s a great option for larger households. With a massive 9kg capacity drum, the Whirlpool BIWMWG81484UK can wash a good deal more at once than the average washing machine. Even so, the appliance conforms to the standard kitchen unit width, measuring just under 60cm across.

Size isn’t everything – and in fact, this washer has much else to recommend it. The FreshCare setting activates a gentle, regular steam-clean cycle after every wash programme to keep laundry fresh while it’s still sitting in the drum. For busy households who rarely get around to unloading the washer straight away, this is a very welcome feature.

In terms of washing and spinning performance, this machine does well, leaving clothes clean and reasonably dry (although if you want your laundry to come out perfectly dry, you should get a washer-dryer instead).

Key specs – Max load: 9kg; Energy rating: C; Max spin: 1,400rpm; Noise level (during spin): 70dB

Buy now from AO

4. Bosch Serie 6 WIW28301GB: The quietest integrated washing machine

Price: £960 | Buy now from Amazon In typical Bosch fashion, the Serie 6 Integrated Washing Machine scores highly on both performance and the user-friendliness of its design. The settings are very easy to follow, with each option on the dial also stating the temperature of the relevant programme, so there’s less risk of users miniaturising their jumpers in a blazing-hot drum.

Perhaps the greatest selling point of the Serie 6 integrated washing machine – and likely a key factor in its very good C grade for energy efficiency – is the SpeedPerfect function. This clever feature senses the progress of a wash and then reduces the wash duration as much as it can, without diminishing the effectiveness of the cycle. It’s a great option when you have a big mound of laundry to tackle.

Another great thing about this washer: it’s blissfully quiet.

Key specs – Max load: 8kg; Energy rating: C; Max spin: 1,400rpm; Noise level (during spin): 66dB

5. AEG 8000 Series L8FC8432BI: The smartest integrated washing machine

Price: £969 | Buy now from John LewisThis swish AEG washer pairs a smart-looking exterior with high-calibre cleaning performance. We were particularly impressed with this machine’s user interface, which features a really snazzy LED display. You will barely want to close the cupboard door on it.

Another benefit to this washing machine is its advanced features, which go beyond the average appliance. There are two options to steam-clean your laundry at the end of a cycle, and AEG’s proprietary ÖKOMix tech thoroughly mixes your detergent and softener with water before a wash, which promises a more effective and efficient clean.

The L8FC8432BI has the quality to match its mid to high-end price tag. Achieving a commendable C grade for energy efficiency, this washing machine is more efficient than most other models currently available. And with a spin cycle noise level of just 68dB, the appliance should generally be quieter than a normal conversation between two people.

Key specs – Max load: 8kg; Energy rating: C; Max spin: 1,400rpm; Noise level (during spin): 68dB

Buy now from John Lewis

6. Haier Series 4 HWQ90B416FWB-UK: Best energy-efficient integrated washing machine

Price: £649 | Buy now from AORather impressively, this A-rated Haier integrated washing machine is competitively priced given the potential savings you will make on energy bills over the life of the machine. And since there are very few A- or even B-rated integrated washing machines currently available, it’s one to snap up while there’s still plenty of stock around.

Not only that, but it’s the only model on our list that features the desirable combination of a large capacity 9kg drum along with the efficiency of a 1600rpm spin speed. The fast spin speed will ensure your clothes come out with as little moisture as possible, so they will dry more quickly. Plus, there’s a great range of wash programmes and customisable settings, such as temperature and spin speed.

Online reviewers are happy to shout about the large drum, but also the model’s quiet operation.

Key specs – Max load: 9kg; Energy rating: A; Max spin: 1,600rpm; Noise level (during spin): 76dB

Buy now from AO

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