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The best integrated washer dryers to buy in 2023

Washer dryers are a great space-saving option for smaller kitchens, and these integrated models are as discreet as they come

There are plenty of reasons why an integrated washer dryer can make more sense than a separate washing machine and dryer. Space is usually a big driver in this decision: if you live in a flat or a smaller house without a utility room, there often just isn’t enough space for a second appliance. In these situations, the best integrated washer dryers can handle all your laundry requirements while disappearing discreetly behind a cupboard door.

There are other reasons why an integrated washer dryer can make more sense than having two separate appliances, too. Air drying clothes is becoming more appealing as we all try to cut down our energy bills, so if you only use a dryer very occasionally – but want one as a fallback during the colder months – there’s no point having a dedicated dryer you rarely use. And naturally, an integrated washer dryer won’t ruin the look of your beautifully crafted kitchen cabinets, which is a big plus when you’ve spent big money on your dream kitchen.

So, whether you’re looking for large wash or dry capacity, a budget model or just a decent all-rounder, read on for our selection of the best integrated washer dryers to suit every kitchen.

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Best integrated washer dryer: At a glance

Best high-endAEG 7000 L7WC8632BI | £899Check price at John Lewis
Best value integrated washer dryerBaumatic BDI1485D4E/1 | £399Check price at AO
Best for drying capacityHotpoint BI WDHG 861485 UK | £599Check price at AO

How to choose the best integrated washer dryer for you

What are some useful features I should look out for in an integrated washer dryer?

Integrated washer dryers cram a lot of functionality into a standard size, built-in appliance. So, it should come as no surprise that this type of washer dryer tends not to offer as many fancy features as the average freestanding, single-function appliance does. With that said, there are a few useful extras that we would recommend looking out for in your integrated washer dryer. Some have a steam cleaning mode, which can make a big difference to the freshness of your wash load. Meanwhile, smart, connected washer dryers offer features, such as remote operability and additional programmes, which some users will find useful.

How energy-efficient is a washer dryer?

A washer dryer isn’t as energy-efficient as a freestanding tumble dryer, so you might want to think twice before using it to dry every single wash load. That said, if you need to tumble-dry the bulk of your laundry, we would recommend paying particular attention to the energy rating and spin speed. First off, a machine with a higher spin speed will leave your laundry drier at the end of the wash cycle, reducing the amount of time it needs in the tumble dryer. Second, opting for a machine with the best energy rating you can afford should translate into lower electricity bills.

While we’re talking about energy ratings, it’s worth knowing that the energy rating scale has recently changed to reflect how much more efficient appliances are nowadays and also to give manufacturers more scope and motivation to keep innovating and improving the energy efficiency of appliances. A washer dryer that used to be A-rated on the old scale will now be a D-rated machine, so don’t panic when you can’t find any A-rated machines.

Why do washer dryers have a different capacity for the dryer?

When you start scouring the specs of washer dryers you will notice that they all state a lower capacity for the dryer than for the wash load. This is a frustrating quirk of these combination machines, but in order for the dryer to work efficiently, there has to be more space in the drum for the laundry to move around freely. In practical terms, this means you can’t dry the full load of washing in the dryer, so you either have to wash smaller loads if you want to dry the whole lot in one go, or you will need to remove half of the laundry at the end of the wash cycle and dry each half of the load separately – or hang it out to air-dry.

Do I need a hole in the wall to vent out the tumble dryer air?

In short, no. Washer dryers are typically condenser dryers, which means the steam that comes from your laundry as it dries is condensed back into water and simply goes out of the same waste-water pipe used by the washing machine. This means that you don’t need a giant hole in the wall for a vent, and you also don’t have to empty a water tank as you would with a standalone condenser dryer.

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The best integrated washer dryers to buy in 2023

1. Baumatic BDI1485D4E/1: Best integrated washer dryer under £450

Price when reviewed: £399 | Check price at AO

A washer dryer for under £450 represents is decent value and what’s more, this model is highly rated by reviewers. They particularly love the super-speedy 14-minute quick wash.

It’s not the most energy-efficient on this list, nor does it have the highest spin speed, so it’s worth considering this when offsetting the upfront cost against the longer-term running costs. That said, if you’re on a budget and the initial cost is your biggest concern, you will get a decent machine with a good capacity.

It doesn’t have any fancy wash programmes but it’s got all the basic ones that most people use regularly, including whites, cotton, wool, eco and delicates, as well as variable spin speed and temperatures. For drying you can choose between low and high heat. All-in-all this machine might be fairly basic, but it’s simple to use and gets the job done.

Key specs – Wash capacity: 8kg; Dry capacity: 5kg; Spin speed: 1,400rpm; Energy rating: E; Dryer type: Condenser

Check price at AO

2. AEG 7000 L7WC8632BI: Best high-end integrated washer dryer

Price when reviewed: £949 | Check price at John LewisThere are many models on the market for over £1,000, but those models really don’t offer anything more than this AEG. Initially available at just over £1,000 this is still a premium machine, and can now be found for under £1,000, but it delivers high-end features and performance for a little less than some of its rivals.

The 1,600rpm spin is the best on this list, and users regularly comment on how well it removes water from the clothes. This means the dryer has less work to do, which ultimately means you will use less energy drying clothes.

The control panel is simple to use and you will benefit from special cycles for denim and sportswear as well as an anti-allergy cycle and a Woolmark-accredited wool cycle. You can also choose between sensor drying or timed drying. The only big downside to this machine is the small 4kg drying capacity, which will be a deal-breaker for larger households.

Key specs – Wash capacity: 8kg; Dry capacity: 4kg; Spin speed: 1,600rpm; Energy rating: E; Dryer type: Condenser

Check price at John Lewis

3. Beko WDIK754421: Best integrated washer dryer under £550

Price when reviewed: £509 | Check price at AO

With a D energy rating, this washer dryer would have been an A on the old scale, so it’s up there with some of the most energy-efficient models you can buy right now. This means it won’t be too costly to run, plus the upfront cost makes it great value from the get-go. And sensor drying ensures that you don’t waste energy over-drying your laundry.

The 7kg capacity isn’t huge, though fine for a couple or small family, but larger families might struggle with this size of drum. The 5kg drying capacity is good, though, so even if the washing machine is full you won’t have to take too much out when it comes to the drying cycle.

Reviewers praise this machine for being quiet and having a good range of programmes. These include a 28-minute quick wash cycle and a HygieneTherapy cycle, which Beko claims can kill 99% of bacteria and viruses.

Despite the reasonable price it still comes with some great extra features including SteamCure, a handy feature that uses steam at the end of a cycle to reduce the amount of creasing. And Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use an app to control the machine and download additional wash programmes.

Key specs – Wash capacity: 7kg; Dry capacity: 5kg; Spin speed: 1,400rpm; Energy rating: D; Dryer type: Condenser

Check price at AO

4. Hotpoint BI WDHG 861485 UK: Best for drying capacity

Price when reviewed: £599 | Check price at AO

It’s pretty rare to find an integrated washer dryer with a drying capacity as high as 6kg. And it’s rarer still for that high capacity model to be quite so impressive and as all-round, as the Hotpoint BIWDHG861485UK.

This machine has some superb core performance specs, notably including its D rating for energy efficiency (which is very good, compared to most appliances currently available), and its relatively high wash and dry capacities (6kg and 8kg).

On top of that, the BIWDHG861485UK gives you some unusual, stand-out features that could help keep your laundry in great condition. We were particularly impressed with ‘Steam Refresh’, a 20-minute steam cleaning mode that can add some extra freshness after a wash or dry cycle.

Key specs – Wash capacity: 8kg; Dry capacity: 6kg; Spin speed: 1,400rpm; Energy rating: D; Dryer type: Condenser

Check price at AO

5. Candy CBD495D2WE/1-80: An integrated washer dryer for large households

Price when reviewed: £519 | Check price at CurrysIf you’re on the hunt for a washer dryer that has a capacity big enough for a larger household, this reasonably priced Candy is a great option. The 5kg drying capacity can’t rival the above Whirlpool model, but its 9kg wash capacity will be big enough for most people’s needs.

Reviewers particularly love how simple it is to use and while some complain about the long drying times, this is a typical frustration of most washer dryer owners.

This model is packed with sensors to optimise the washing and drying programmes. Moisture sensors end the drying cycle once your clothes are dry, which helps to save energy, and the KG mode will weigh your laundry so that the wash time, amount of water and energy used are adjusted to suit the load size.

If you need a machine that can take big loads of washing, but doesn’t come with a big price tag to match, this is the one for you.

Key specs – Wash capacity: 9kg; Dry capacity: 5kg; Spin speed: 1,400rpm; Energy rating: E; Dryer type: Condenser

Check price at Currys

6. Hoover H-WASH & DRY 300 PRO HBDOS695TAMCE: Best mid-range large-capacity integrated washer dryer

Price when reviewed: £529 | Check price at AOThis popular mid-range washer dryer is a popular choice thanks to its D energy rating and reasonable price tag. It boasts a generous 9kg wash capacity and arrives with some added extras that you won’t see in models at the cheaper end of the market, including Wi-Fi connectivity so you can monitor wash loads and download extra programmes via an app.

Using sensor technology, this Hoover model weighs your laundry load and adjusts the settings accordingly to offer efficient washing and drying. There’s also a steam function that will help avoid excessive creasing, thus reducing the time you will spend standing at the ironing board.

The 1600rpm spin speed will remove as much water as possible, before the drying programmes get to work. Reviewers comment on the machine’s quiet operation as well as noting the decent range of programmes on offer, including the super-speedy 14-minute quick wash for when time is of the essence.

Key specs – Wash capacity: 9kg; Dry capacity: 5kg; Spin speed: 1,600rpm; Energy rating: D; Dryer type: Condenser

Check price at AO

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