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Best Samsung watch 2023: Which Samsung watch should you buy?

From the Galaxy Watch 4 to the Fit2, which of Samsung's smartwatches best suits your needs?

You’ve decided: you like Samsung phones, so you’re going to buy a Samsung watch. That sounds simple enough, until you hit the Amazon search page and realise that this isn’t like buying an Apple Watch; there are several different wearables to choose from, all at different prices not to mention various shapes and sizes.

So which Samsung watch do you want to buy? With lots to choose from, the decision isn’t easy. While the most recently released Galaxy Watch 4 might well be our pick of the best Samsung watches you can buy, that doesn’t mean that none of the other models available deserve your attention. Of course, newer products have a tendency of making the prices of older models drop.

So, whether you’re looking for a flashy new feature-packed smartwatch, or a more affordable wearable, read on for our rundown of the best Samsung watches you can buy.

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Best Samsung watch: At a glance

The best Samsung watches to buy

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Best Samsung watch

Price when reviewed: £199 | Check price at John Lewis Samsung has branched out with its latest smartwatch. For a start, you have a choice of two models: the Galaxy Watch 4 (available in 40mm and 44mm sizes with a digital bezel) and the larger Watch 4 Classic (available in 42mm and 46mm sizes with a physical rotating bezel).

Beyond that, there are some significant updates which include a new chip and operating system, the latter of which has been built jointly with Google to give users access to a range of Google apps and the Play Store (but not, unfortunately, Google Assistant). There are also some new fitness features, such as continuous blood oxygen tracking during the night, and an improved ‘BioActive’ sensor for measuring BMI, skeletal muscle mass, body water mass and basal metabolic rate.

The battery life isn’t fantastic at around 40 hours, and you can’t use the watch with an iPhone. But if you’re a Samsung phone user, it’s the brand’s best smartwatch.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Best-value Samsung watch

Price when reviewed: £168 | Check price at AmazonSince the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung’s previous generation smartwatch has dropped in price, making it a great value option as well as the best option for iPhone users unable to access the brand’s latest flagship wearable.

Despite the name, the Galaxy Watch 3 is only Samsung’s second Galaxy Watch (not including the Galaxy Watch Active series). It runs on Samsung’s own Tizen Operating System, and both size watches (41mm and 45mm) have a physical rotating bezel. Although you don’t get the Watch 4’s ‘BioActive’ sensor, the Galaxy Watch 3 has got all the standard fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, as well as VO2 max estimates, advanced running analysis, and fall detection. As such, if you don’t want to fork out £199 for the Watch 4, it’s an excellent alternative.

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3. Galaxy Watch Active 2: Best sporty Samsung watch

Price when reviewed: £108 | Check price at AmazonThe Galaxy Watch Active is a svelte, lightweight Samsung smartwatch. This, of course, is achieved at the expense of a physical rotating bezel. Instead, the Active 2 has a digital touch-sensitive bezel that works very well, even if you don’t get the same tactile experience that you would with a physical one.

As the name suggests, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is suited for those looking for a sporty, less bulky alternative to the Galaxy Watch. It’s got all of the same fitness tracking and smart features as the original Galaxy Watch, though the battery life isn’t great.

With that said, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 isn’t the biggest upgrade on the original Active, with the outstanding differences being that the newer model adds a digital rotating dial and ECG functionality and also has a larger 340mAh battery.

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4. Galaxy Fit2: Best Samsung fitness tracker

Price when reviewed: £35 | Check price at Amazon It wouldn’t be entirely fair to compare the Fit2 to the smartwatches outlined above. After all, it’s not really a smartwatch at all. That said, its inclusion in this list is justified by the price and the fitness tracking features it offers.

There’s no built-in GPS, but the Fit2 can track your activities including runs, cycles and swims, as well as your sleep, stress and heart rate. All this for £49 makes it a great affordable smartwatch alternative if you’re concerned more about fitness and sports tracking features, and less so about smart features such as calls and NFC.

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