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A smartwatch for all seasons – it’s the Samsung Gear S2

Samsung's latest smartwatch has year-round appeal

Smartwatches will inevitably take over from standard timepieces. Just telling the time doesn’t cut it anymore, when a well-designed smartwatch can take all the information that’s stuck on your smartphone and present it to you, in a far more convenient manner, just as you need it, on your wrist.

Reject calls or reply with a quick text without hunting for your phone, read incoming messages from friends and family via social networks, see calendar appointments and even get directions to your where you’re headed next. A smartwatch is the must-have accessory for your smartphone.

The latest model from Samsung does all that, and a whole lot more. The new Samsung Gear S2 is compatible with Samsung’s own range of smartphones, as well as pretty much any Android handset on the market.

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We were very impressed with the Gear S2 when we looked at it initially in our full review. However, here we thought we’d look in a little more depth at all its features here and how the Gear S2 will prove invaluable throughout the year ahead.

Glove-friendly in Winter

There aren’t many round smartwatches out there, but if you’re after that classic look then the Gear S2 has you covered. It’s not just a pretty face though, as the design allows for a rotating bezel control. This is unique to the Gear S2 and lets you flick through all the information and apps at the twist of dial.

The bezel really comes into its own in Winter though. Other smartwatches rely upon fiddly little rotating crowns or awkward taps and swipes in order to navigate their menus. Those are both very hard to get to grips with if you’re wearing a nice thick pair of winter gloves. With the Gear S2’s bezel though it’s a doddle, so you can keep up-to-date throughout the winter chill, while other smartwatches go unused.

Health kick in Spring

Spring is here and you’re probably feeling a little more active. It’s here that the Gear S2’s wide range of fitness tracking capabilities can help motivate you to greater efforts, or at least persuade you to take the stairs a bit more often.

With its accelerometer and gyrometer the Gear S2 can track your activity like a pedometer   Add in the barometer, to detect if you’re heading uphill or down, and a heart-rate monitor and you’ve got a device that stands up the best fitness trackers. All this works with Samsung’s S Health app as well as popular apps such as MyFitnessPal and Nike+ Running.

On holiday in Summer

It’s time for your summer holidays and the Gear S2 is well-equipped to help you get away from blighty. Flight reminders and packing lists are no problem for it, plus there’s no need to adjust the time when you arrive. And for those lucky enough to have gone further afield, the right watchface can keep track of the time at home as well, so you know when to send those jealousy-inducing selfies.

The Gear S2 is also IP68 certified, which in plain english means its dust-proof and waterproof – so you can take it to the beach and even go for a dip in the pool, no deep sea diving though! It’s pretty tough too, with a stainless steel case and a silicon rubber strap.

Get organised in the Autumn

Summer’s over and now’s the time to get down to some serious work, whether you’re heading back to the office or to college. The Gear S2 lets you dictate quick messages that are recorded as notes for later. It’ll keep you informed of your appointments and won’t give up on even the busiest days thanks to its long battery life.

And of course when the clocks go back, the Gear S2 will adjust automatically. Just time to switch to a festive watchface in the build up to the big day and we’re back to Christmas again.

To read more about this flexible smartwatch head over to our Samsung Gear S2 review.


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