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Ionos pricing: Which plan is right for you?

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Ionos pricing presents a varied choice, whether you keep it simple with its website builder packages or opt for a more niche offering

For those who are starting to build an online presence, and may be looking for a bit of everything, Ionos is here to help: its website builder packages, MyWebsite Now, are competitively priced, with three plans on offer.

You can jump straight in with the £1 per month package, but you should know that the cost rises to £16 per month after six months. So, while it might be tempting, it might not be the best package for you. Thankfully, there are other options, since you can also choose between the Starter or Pro packages, to suit small sites or more advanced sites, respectively. Again, these come with an initial enticing offer price that rises after six months.

If you’d like to include ecommerce with your package, Ionos has the option to add a shop right from the start, but, as you might expect, the cost will rise. And, if you already have a web presence, Ionos can offer you dedicated web hosting for as little as £1 per month for the first six months. There are plenty of options to choose from, and we’re here to help you pick the best plan for you.

Ionos pricing: How much does Ionos charge for website builder packages?

If you’ll be using the Ionos website builder to create your website, there are three plans to choose from: Starter, Plus, and Pro, with Ionos offering a six-month special price on all of their packages before raising the monthly fee. You also have the option to add a shop, which will see the price rise again. It’s important to note that all of their prices exclude VAT, so this will need to be factored into the final cost.

You might expect the Starter package to be the cheapest, but it’s actually the Plus package that offers the lowest-cost option, at least initially. Priced at £1 per month for the first six months, its price rises to £16 per month once the initial offer period comes to an end. Add in a shop and, once the six-month offer ends, the cost rises even more steeply to £28 per month. However, for this outlay, you do get increased storage for your content, more web pages, and boosted storage for emails over the Starter package.

Prices for the Starter package start at £6 per month, rising to £10 per month after six months. Add in a shop and you’ll be paying £20 per month. But, for this sum, you only get 10GB of storage and 10 web pages, and it lacks the option to rearrange design elements in the templates, which means you’ll have to stick with the default.

The top-of-the-range Pro package presents a slightly different pricing structure to the Starter and Plus packages. For the first six months, it costs £20 per month, rising to £28 per month after the introductory period. But, while the introductory price of the other packages remains the same with or without a shop, the Pro package costs extra with a shop, setting you back £35 per month for the first six months, before going up to £60 per month once the offer period ends. It may be costly, but for that money, you get unlimited storage, unlimited web pages and 50GB of email storage – which is 25 times that of the Starter package.

Ionos pricing: What features and tools do MyWebsite Now packages offer?

If you’re not big on design but you still want a decent-looking site, then the Ionos website builder tool will definitely help. It’s relatively easy to use, even for newcomers: you simply select a template, enter the basic details of your business, and start designing.

Compared with their competitors, the number of templates Ionos has to offer isn’t huge, but what it does have are well-designed and easy to customise – although those customisation options are fairly restricted in the Starter package. You can choose different colour schemes and fonts, add graphics elements and arrange your content quickly. In addition, you can introduce image galleries, videos, and interactive modules with just a couple of clicks.

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There’s a strong set of ecommerce features too, especially if you’re looking to sell both physical and digital products. Adding and organising products is simple, and the editor offers plenty of control over how your store looks. In fact, in our opinion, this is one area where Ionos is actually ahead of dedicated ecommerce builders like Shopify.

Ionos pricing: Which Ionos MyWebsite Now package is best for me?

All of the Ionos MyWebsite Now packages present two options: you can choose simple, straightforward hosting to keep your website online, or you can add a shop to get ecommerce capabilities. As such, you’re being given more choice right from the start.

Starter: £6 per month (first 6 months); £10 per month thereafter (£20 per month with shop)

If you just want a website that does all the basics, and you want it quickly, then this is the package for you. It comes with 10GB of storage – which should be more than enough to get you up and running – plus a free domain name included for a year, enabling you to begin promoting your site, or brand, with a unique URL straight away. But you only get 10 web pages with this package, so you’ll need to plan your site wisely. There’s also the option to add a basic online store if you have less than 500 unique products to sell.

Plus: £1 per month (first 6 months); £16 per month thereafter (£28 per month with shop)

Even forgetting the features for a moment, the £1 price point is a very tempting offer for those who are looking to get started on the web. But if you’re looking to build a site you can expand and regularly update with new content in the long-term, this remains a tempting package even after the prices rise, as you get plenty of storage (50GB), plenty of web pages (200), and a free custom domain to help you establish your brand. Plus, you can add a shop that allows up to 5,000 physical products, has integrated payment options, and includes the ability to sell directly on Facebook and Instagram.

Pro: £15 (first 6 months); £28 per month thereafter / £30 per month with shop (first 6 months); £60 per month thereafter

The top-end package comes with unlimited storage, unlimited web pages, and a 50GB email inbox. These features alone make it a good choice for content-heavy sites that want to include video or hi-res images – such as a stock site, or photography portfolio site – and are looking to continually expand.

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a lot of products to sell can include a shop that allows up to 10,000 products and a host of payment and shipping options, not to mention B2B and marketing tools.

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Price (first 6 months)£6 (ex VAT)£1 (ex VAT)£15 (ex VAT); £30 (ex VAT) with shop
Price (monthly)£10 (ex VAT)£16 (ex VAT)£28 (ex VAT)
Price (with shop)£20 (ex VAT)£28 (ex VAT)£60 (ex VAT)
Web pages10200Unlimited
Email inbox storage2GB12GB50GB
Pro templatesYesYesYes
Search engine optimisation toolNoNoYes
Add/arrange elementsNoYesYes

Ionos pricing: What other hosting plans does Ionos offer?

If don’t need a website builder and you’re simply looking for web hosting, then Ionos has plenty to offer at competitive prices. At the time of writing, the standard web hosting packages follow much the same pricing structure, offering you a reduced rate for six months before upping to their standard monthly fee.

Like the MyWebsite Now packages, the cheapest option isn’t the most obvious one: the Plus package costs £1 per month for six months before switching to £9 per month. However, for that price, you get 250GB of storage compared to 100GB on the Standard package. Check out the table below for a quick comparison between packages (note that the “price (with 10 mailboxes)” shows the initial six months followed by the standard monthly rate).


Price (first 6 months)£3 (ex VAT)£1 (ex VAT)£8 (ex VAT)£12 (ex VAT)
Price (monthly)£6 (ex VAT)£9 (ex VAT)£16 (ex VAT)£24 (ex VAT)
Price (with 10 mailboxes)£4/£7(ex VAT)£2/£10 (ex VAT)£9/£17 (ex VAT)£13/£25 (ex VAT)
Free domain & SSL certificateYesYesYesYes


Beyond their MyWebsite Now and standard web hosting packages, Ionos also offers dedicated ecommerce packages that come with an Online Store Builder tool, specialist WordPress hosting with professional tools, and fast loading and VPS hosting for those who want to set up their own web or mail server. All of them are available at the starting price of £1 per month for the first six months.

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