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How to change your URL on Wix: Add custom domain and page names

Learn how to upgrade to a custom domain name and change page URLs to match your content

A domain name and the corresponding page URLs are the lifeblood of a website. It’s what enables users to find a site and helps guide them from page to page via hyperlinks. So why would you need to change a URL?

Since your domain name is usually the first URL that visitors to your website encounter, using a custom domain name is key to building a unique brand identity. So, when you’re choosing one, it’s important to make it memorable. Page URLs are also important, but in a different way: they should help identify what the page is about – whether that’s content or a product name – but also be SEO-friendly. Ultimately, if you do decide to change a page URL, you need to make sure that any pages or hyperlinks that point to that URL are changed as well – visitors don’t want to see “404 page not found”, it’s bad for business.

Here we reveal how to get a custom domain name through Wix and through a third party; how to connect it to your site; and how to change individual page URLs for a more standout visitor experience.

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Why change my Wix URL?

If you’re using Wix’s free plan, you’ll be issued with a domain name that partly contains the Wix domain, which can look unprofessional if you’re running a business. Your own unique domain name will give you an identity, improve your business’s credibility, and help you to promote and build your brand. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for the privilege.

When creating a custom domain name, it’s best to try to find a short but relevant version of your brand name. Nobody wants to have to type in a long-winded web address, and a shorter name is always easier to remember.

Beyond the domain name, each of the pages of your Wix site will be given a default name – such as blog, contact, store and so on – and you may want to change these to something more brand-appropriate and SEO-friendly.

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How to change a Wix URL

Let’s talk you through how to change the default domain to a custom domain and switch page URLs to a new one.

1. Get a domain

If you don’t already own a custom domain, you can get one through the Wix Dashboard. Log in and open the Dashboard, then click on Settings and select Domains. Type in the domain name you want – for example, “mysiterulesok”, or “” if you want a UK-specific domain name – and, once you find one that’s available, hit Get it and go through the purchase process.

2. Connect a domain

You can connect the domain via the Domains page: select the option to connect a domain you already own, and then select the site you want to connect the domain to.

Alternatively, if you’re going via the Connect a Domain page, click Yes I already own this domain (which appears after entering the domain name) and follow the onscreen instructions.

3. Locate page URLs

After you’ve selected/connected a domain, you’ll return to the Wix Dashboard, where you should select your site from the drop-down list in the top left corner. Then, click the Design site button (found near the centre of your dashboard, where it says “Welcome back, [your name]” – this will take you to Wix’s website editor. 

Once you’re in the editor, find the Pages & Menu option on the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen, and open it. 

4. Change page URLs

The Pages & Menu pop-up will list the pages on your site. Select the page you want to change and click the three dots to open. From here, select Settings, scroll through the tabs to find the SEO Basics tab and you’ll see the page URL (under URL slug). Select the old and type in the new.

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How will changing my URL affect my current site?

When you change the URL of a page – especially when you add a new custom domain name – the old page URL ceases to exist. Following any links that still use the old URL will simply throw up a 404 error, stating that the site cannot find the page, so you need to make sure that you update all of those links when you change the URL. It’s important to note that this will also affect any external accounts, such as social media accounts.

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It’s not just website functionality that’s affected by this change. If you’ve built up some decent SEO on your pages, this will all be lost, as the search engines will see your new URL as a new page. In the eyes of a search engine, you’re basically starting over again. So, if you do have a free Wix plan and want to introduce a custom domain, it’s best to do it as soon as possible.

Your other option is to set up a 301 redirect. This will direct users to the new URL when or if they encounter the old URL. This also helps retain any SEO juice that your pages may have built up. However, to use redirects in Wix you’ll need to upgrade to one of its Premium plans.

Where can I get a custom domain name?

If you don’t already own your own custom-branded domain name, there are several options you can pursue. However, the quickest and simplest way is to choose and purchase a domain through Wix.

If you already have a free Wix plan, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the Premium plans before you can add a custom domain name. Head to Settings, then Website settings, which will display your current site’s URL, and underneath that you’ll find a link to “Upgrade now”. This will take you to the Premium plan page, where you can choose the best plan for your needs.

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You can also head to Settings, then Domains, which will present you with a Connect a Domain screen. Here, you can enter the domain you want to use and search to see if it’s available. If you want a name with a specific extension, such as, you’ll need to enter this as well. If the name is available, hit the Get it button and you’ll see the option to upgrade your plan, so you can connect the domain, or simply buy the domain with an option for one, two or three years. Naturally, the longer the registration period, the cheaper the domain. But it’s worth noting that if you purchase a Wix Premium plan, you’ll get a custom domain name free for one year.

Alternatively, you can purchase a domain name from a third-party provider, such as GoDaddy, 123Reg, IONOS or Fasthosts. These services frequently have special offers where you pay £1 for the first year, but for longer registrations the prices are similar to those available through the Wix dashboard.

What are subdomains and do I need one?

Subdomains are an extension to the top-level domain name. For example, if your current domain name is “”, the subdomain would appear in front of the domain name, such as “”.

These subdomains are helpful to create different sections for a website that can used to contain a certain specific type of content. Blogs and online stores are typical examples of where you might use a subdomain. As with custom domain names, you’ll need a Premium plan to connect a subdomain to your site.

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