Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, specs & price rumours

Samsung Galaxy S7 render

We round up the latest rumours surrounding the Galaxy S7, which will be released in early 2016

5 Feb 2016

How to get YouTube on your TV without a Chromecast

US Netflix

The DIAL protocol, already available in some smart TVs, will let you control apps from your smartphone – here is what you need to know

5 Feb 2016

Best upcoming PS4 games: a month-by-month video guide

Plan your year in gaming - all the biggest and best upcoming PS4 games with videos

4 Feb 2016

Best Action Cameras 2016 - capture everything, everywhere

GoPro Hero+ LCD teaser

Action cameras are small and rugged, so are an ideal way to capture your high-octane activities. Here are some of the best

3 Feb 2016

Xbox One vs PS4 - Which console is best for 2016?

Xbox One vs PS4

Xbox One or PS4? Which console will serve you best throughout 2016?

1 Feb 2016

Best cloud storage - Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Onedrive

Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox all store your files in the cloud, but which one should you commit to? We run the numbers

29 Jan 2016

19 Best Chromecast apps you need to download

Best Chromecast apps

Got a Chromecast but want to use it for more than just BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix? These apps let you get the most from your dongle

29 Jan 2016

Best music streaming service

We compare the most popular streaming music services available including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Tidal, Deezer and Napster

28 Jan 2016

Sky Q vs Sky+ HD - what's the difference?

Sky Q Box

Trying to work out which Sky smart TV platform is right for you? Here's the difference between Sky Q and Sky+ HD

27 Jan 2016

What is Powerline networking?

Powerline networking lead

Powerline networks are a great alternative to running Ethernet cables or unreliable Wi-Fi. Here's everything you need to know to get started

25 Jan 2016