Dash Genie In Car Holder V2 review

Fully adjustable, the Dash Genie works well on flat dashboards and windscreens alike

5 Oct 2011
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The Dash Genie is ideal if you want to use your smartphone as a satnav, or hold any other small phone-like device on your dashboard. Both the suction mount and phone stand have sticky pads which keep everything firmly in place. Unlike most sticky pads, these are reusable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth, so you can swap it between cars and swap devices with no problems.

Dash Genie

The suction mount can be used on windscreens or flat dashboards - it may not stick to curved areas, but our dash's dimpled surface presented no problems for the Dash Genie. Our iPhone was held fast over speed bumps and round tight corners until we removed it from the stand.

Dash Genie

Similarly, the rear of your device needs to be flat in order to stick well. Again, textured surfaces shouldn't be a problem, but silicone and teflon won't stick, so you may have to remove your phone from its case, or put one on, depending on the finish.

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