Humax announces Freeview HD PVR

18 May 2010
Freeview HD

July launch date is too late for football fans, though.

After waiting many months for a Freeview HD PVR to be released, two come along at once. We recently reported the release of the DigitalStream DHR8203U, which is on sale, and now Humax has announced its first Freeview HD PVR.

Disappointingly, the HDR-FOX T2 won't be launched until July, and so will miss most of the World Cup. It's a shame for those shopping for a new PVR, as the tournament is a big shifter of TV hardware, and Humax has only missed out on it by a couple of weeks.

The HDR-FOX T2 will come with a 500GB hard drive to store up to 125 hours of HD content, plus a host of recording features including series recording, schedule tracking and split recording. We expect Humax's track record for excellent user interfaces to continue here, with the EPG benefiting from a crisper high definition display.

We'll bring you a full review as soon as Humax gets us a sample.

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