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Say goodbye to clacky keyboards – Corsair reveals STRAFE RGB Silent with Cherry MX Silent key switches

The recognisable racket that comes from typing at speed on a mechanical keyboard might finally be disappearing, thanks to Cherry and Corsair

If you’ve ever tried to use a mechanical keyboard in the vicinity of other people, you’ll be very aware of just how loud each keypress can be. We love mechanical switches for their tactile feel, instant response and reassuring stiff, sturdy feel, but admit the noise they make can be irritating to others – just ask the editor who enforced a ‘NO CHERRY BROWN KEYBOARDS IN THE OFFICE’ policy. There’s good news on the horizon, however; Cherry has just announced its first silent mechanical switch, and Corsair will be first to use it in a gaming keyboard – the STRAFE RGB Silent. 

Cherry hasn’t revealed exactly what makes this new switch, available in MX Red and MX Black variants, so quiet, but indicated a new manufacturing process that makes use of “integrated 2-component tappets” significantly reduces the noise of each keypress compared to a regular switch. It should have the same effect as using rubber O rings and stoppers on a regular keyboard, which many gamers had taken to using in order to silence their typing.

Corsair has agreed a six month exclusive window with Cherry, meaning it will be the only manufacturer to supply slient switch-equipped keyboards until at least 2016. The first is the STRAFE RGB Silent, which carries the multi-colour dynamic backlighting we last saw in the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB. With it, you can completely customise the colour of each key using the CUE software suite to add flashing effects or set colour cascades across the keyboard tray. CUE works with other Corsair RGB kit too, including the VOID headset range and SCIMITAR MMO mouse, which were both announced today alongside the STRAFE keyboard.

MMO gamers will appreciate the ability to program macros for each key, while the USB pass-through port, detachable wrist rest, function keys that double as multimedia shortcuts and full 104 key rollover via USB are other welcome additions. Textured and contoured FPS/MOBA keycaps can be added to help you find the right keys in the dark, although with custom RGB lighting you’ll be able to set game profiles to illuminate those specific keys too.

The STRAFE RGB Silent should be going on sale in October, but eager gamers can pre-order from August onwards. US prices are set at $159.99, which is roughly £105 before tax and VAT. We’re hoping to get a better look later this week at Gamescomm, and should have a full review a little closer to launch.

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