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Best Amazon Fire TV Stick apps: 5 of the best

Find out the best Amazon Fire TV Stick apps, bringing you the best music, video and entertainment

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an HDMI dongle from Amazon that lets you stream full HD content from Amazon Prime, Netflix and all of the UK’s catch-up services. The device isn’t just confined to TV entertainment, offering apps aplenty from Spotify to Ten Pin Bowling.

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We’ve surveyed the best apps out there for your Amazon Fire TV Stick in 2018. We’ll update this page regularly with new, download-worthy apps.

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick apps 2018: Netflix

An obvious choice, but an essential. Netflix is replete with stellar content at the moment, including exclusive Netflix originals such as Jessica Jones, Master of None and Orange is the New Black. And with the news that Netflix made its first ever acquisition in purchasing comic-book company Millarworld, it looks like the company is investing big time in the creation of original content. Yes, it may be a tad more expensive than an Amazon Prime membership, but its sleek, user-friendly interface will ensure you’ve got your favourite Netflix Originals up and running in no time.

You can download Netflix for the Amazon Fire TV Stick here.

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick apps 2018: YouTube

An oldie but a goodie. The YouTube app is basically just a TV version of its website, but it’s super easy to find reams and reams of the content you love. Log in to your account, browse through your subscriptions – with the news that YouTube’s platform is now so large that it’s closing in on one billion hours of video watched every day, you’re sure to find something that appeals.

You can download YouTube for Amazon Fire TV Stick here.

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick apps 2018: TED TV

TED – which stands for “Technology, Entertainment, Design” – has become something of a household name, and with good reason. Operating under the mantra “ideas worth spreading”, the media and entertainment platform offers a host of educational and intellectually stimulating talks. They’re not too demanding on your time, either; speakers are given a modest 18 minutes in which to promulgate their message. If technology’s your thing, then look no further; TED has hosted a pretty much exhaustive list of tech titans, from Jimmy Wales, Sergey Brin and Larry Page to Bill Gates.

You can download TED for Amazon Fire TV Stick here.

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick apps 2018: Spotify

This one’s fantastic if you’ve got a TV with a great sound system or, better still, surround sound. If you’ve already committed to a Spotify subscription, all the better. You can use your Amazon Fire TV Stick to turn your TV into a veritable 21st-century boom box, with unbridled access to the 30 million songs Spotify has to offer. Fancy something a bit more sedate? Select an audiobook and let those dulcet, multi-directional tones wash over you. Just maybe not The Handmaid’s Tale. Spotify is a must-have Amazon Fire TV Stick app if you’re in possession of a TV with high-quality audio.

You can download Spotify for Amazon Fire TV Stick here.

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick apps 2018: Kodi

Here at Expert Reviews, we’re very fond of Kodi. While it has been officially removed from the Amazon Appstore due to the proclivity to use it for piracy, it’s not too difficult to sideload apps onto the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Once you’ve installed Kodi, it’s a one-stop shop for home entertainment. You can use it to manage your local library, and its superlatively customisable, meaning you can install it with your Twitter feed, local weather updates, and so on. As it’s open-source software, Kodi is perpetually being improved by coders around the world. Since its inception in 2003, it’s been modified by more than 500 software developers worldwide. 

You can learn to download Kodi for Amazon Fire TV Stick here.

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