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Dyson Airwrap: British technology giant launches the Dyson Airwrap styler

Following the success of the Supersonic hair dryer, the company is foraying into the beauty market once more

In news that may come as a shock to the uninitiated, Dyson has entered the hair and beauty market for the second time.

In case you missed it, the famed vacuum manufacturer gave us a hair dryer in the form of the Dyson Supersonic in 2016. It wasn’t half bad, either – our review labelled it the “best hair dryer ever made”, albeit at a hair-raising cost of £300.

So, what exactly does Dyson’s second piece of beauty technology, the Airwrap, do?

Dyson Airwrap: Everything you need to know

Well, essentially it’s a glorified hair curler.

The difference here is that Dyson’s new product makes use of a phenomenon known as the “Coanda effect”. In simple terms, this is when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface, and due to the change in pressure, said airflow attaches itself to the surface. The Airwrap will use this principle on a rounded barrel, meaning your hair will wrap around it and curl in the process.

In short: you’ll be able to curl your hair without the worry of extreme heat damage. The Airwrap naturally also doubles up as a hair dryer, allowing you to style your hair from wet to dry, rather than drying first.

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Dyson Airwrap UK price: How much will it cost?

You might want to sit down for this. The two basic Dyson Airwrap models will start at £400 in the UK. This refers to the ‘Dyson Airwrap Volume & Shape’ and the ‘Dyson Airwrap Smooth & Control’ which are aimed at adding volume and controlling frizzy hair respectively.

The ‘Dyson Airwrap Complete’, which is supposedly engineered for multiple hair types, will set you back an extra £50 on top of that.

It seems that Dyson is following on from the pricing strategy of the Supersonic, then. I guess it makes sense, though, given that six years and £24 million was spent on product’s development.

Dyson Airwrap release date: When will you be able to buy one in the UK?

The Dyson Airwrap styler is available online and in Dyson stores across the UK from Wednesday 10 October.

Dyson Airwrap specs and features: What does it do?

The styler’s airflow will be powered by a V9 digital motor aimed through six separate slots around the barrel. An incorporated switching mechanism will keep the air flowing in the desired styling direction, according to tension in the brush.

Dyson claims that a glass bead thermistor will measure the temperature up to 40 times a second. This data will then be transmitted to a microprocessor that regulates the product’s temperature, thus reducing the risk of damage to your hair.

The Airwrap’s attachments differ depending on which bundle you opt for. All models come with a pre-styling dryer, alongside 2 x 30mm barrels.

On top of that, the ‘Volume & Shape’ bundle comes with an additional soft brush and round brush, and the ‘Smooth & Control’ with extra 2 x 40mm barrels and a firm brush.

The ‘Airwrap Complete’ combines the two, just in case your hair is simultaneously limp and flat, yet frizz-prone. If you’re out there somewhere, I truly feel for you.

How will the Dyson Airwrap fare? If the Supersonic is anything to go by, we’ve got high hopes.