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GHD Oracle: GHD launches U-shaped Oracle curling tool – here’s where to buy it in the UK

The GHD Oracle is available to buy in Rush salons in the UK with a price starting at £175

Meet the GHD Oracle, a new professional curling tool from the experts behind the best-selling GHD straighteners range.

The GHD Oracle has reportedly been seven years, and £5.2 million in the making, and has been designed to create curls, kinks and waves by tilting the hand rather than wrapping or rolling sections of hair through the plates. This is possible, according to GHD, thanks to the Oracle’s unique shape and so-called ‘Curl Zone’ technology. 

In particular, the GHD Oracle features hot and cold contoured plates with an internal fan. These plates use high-speed ceramic heaters with this rapid cooling system to style and set your curls in one stroke while removing frizz. 

GHD Oracle: How does it work?

The GHD Oracle has a U-shape fitted with four ceramic heater plates. These plates heat hair to what GHD claims is the optimum styling temperature of 185˚C.

As the hair is passed through the U-shaped barrel, it’s possible to create large curls, kinks or waves simply by changing how much hair is styled, as well as the speed and angle the GHD Oracle is used at.

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When the hair leaves the plates, it is “crash-cooled” by more than 100˚C in what the company called the Curl Zone. This uses sintered cooling pipes to “suck” the heat out of the hair towards the back of the tool, where a small fan draws in cool air and expels the warm air. This means there’s no need to wait for the curl to set, or use a cool shot setting on a hairdryer. 

GHD claims that 185˚C is the optimum temperature because it takes the hair above the so-called glass transition phase, which allows it to shaped and styled, but is still cool enough to prevent permanent damage to the covalent bonds within the hair fibres.

GHD Oracle: Price and release date in the UK

The GHD Oracle is not available to buy online. It’s only available exclusively from Rush hair salons at a price of £175.

GHD said the reason behind this is because the company has “educated stylists to be Oracle experts” because “there are so many tricks and techniques to create a huge variation of waves and curls the best way to learn is with a hands-on demo from a stylist.”

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